2006 Renault Kangoo engine management light concern

There seems to be a growing number of people starting to complain about their 2006 Renault Kangoo, or more so to do with an engine management light that keeps coming on.

2006 Renault Kangoo engine management light

It’s not yet known how widespread of an issue this is, but there are clearly more people in the UK being affected by this. So what’s happening? – Well when the engine management light comes on, owners have reported that there is a slight juddering and so become a bit of an issue to drive.

Renault have yet to issue any sort of recall, and so we can only assume this is a limited problem, although this could become more of an issue if there are any new reports.

We do have some possibly answers though, such as changing the spark plugs. Having said that, it does seem a bit strange that the car will run fine when the engine light is out, and when it comes on randomly the engine will run rough, only to run fine once again when the light goes back out.

If it was a constant issue we could understand, but for now we are baffled to say the least. Do you have an issue with your Renault you would like to share, if so you can do so on this dedicated page.