2008 Freelander 2 diesel recall over fire risk

Land Rover has recently issued a recall for their 2008 Freelander 2 Diesel model due to a potential fire risk. The number of vehicles affected are just 429, and so a very low recall indeed.

2008 Freelander 2 diesel recall over fire risk

The start and end date for Freelander 2 Diesel models affected are 19/05/2008 – 02/06/2008. This is the reason why the number is so low, as there is only just over a month between these production dates.

Reason for the recall – This is due to the controller circuit for the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heater, as there is a chance that these could short circuit. There is a way to tell if this is happening to your vehicle, as there will be a distinct smell from hot and/or melted components, but this only occurs in extreme circumstances.

Affected models will have to have their PTC replaced with one of the latest designed, and for those of you worried you need to check your VIN, as they will be between SALFA24CX8H111698 to SALFA28B58H113411.

More details can be found here, and you can also share your other Land Rover issues on our dedicated page related to problems.