2016 FIAT Panda recall due to transmission fault

FIAT had to issue a recall due to an issue with the transmission on 7 of its 2016 Panda models – yes you read that number correctly.


The affected FIAT Panda models were built from 28/08/2016 to 28/09/2016, which does seem like a very low number for a run of a month’s worth or production.

Reason for the recall – is due to the transmission mount may fail. This is due to a nonconformity within the gearbox casing mount material, and so this easy could actually fail and so affect the control of the vehicle.

FIAT is to recall all 7 units and inspect them, and if needed will replace the mounting. If you have the Vehicle ID of ZFA31200003740597 to ZFA31200003745341, then you might wish to connect your nearest FIAT dealer if they have not done she already.