Alfa Romeo 147 problems and solutions

The Alfa Romeo 147 or Type 937 as some people know it by was built from 2000 to 2010, and so had a pretty good run. While this model was very popular, even being voted European Car of the Year back in 2001, we know that owning an Alfa does come with its pitfalls.


This brand of vehicle has been known for its problems over the years, and this is also the case with the new models. The list of Alfa Romeo 147 problems are rather extensive and solving them can often be a long, expensive task.

It’s for this reason why we have come up with this Alfa Romeo 147 problem page, as it allows owners of this vehicle to share your issues in the hope of finding solutions.

If you have an issue with your steering, gearbox, overheating engine, suspension, seats, electrics or anything else, then please feel free to get involved in the comments section below.

  • Yvonne

    The rear washer is not pushing water out, although I can hear the pump running, so do not understand what the problem is. And yes I have checked to make certain the jet is not blocked.

  • Elliott

    I have been told that once the engine is warm I should thrash my 147 from time to time, or drive it like an Italian as one person suggested – is there any benefit to this?