Alfa Romeo problems

You cannot be a true petrol head until you have owned an Alfa Romeo at any one time in your life, well that is what Jeremy Clarkson tells us, and it could have a point. The company has been going since 1910 and been involved in racing since 1911. Seeing as though this is a luxury car manufacturer from Italy, the Italian people are very passionate about the company, as they are with the likes of Fiat and Ferrari.

Alfa Romeo problems

Speaking of Fiat, they took ownership of Alfa Romeo back in 1986 and since then has done a pretty good job of offering great improvements to the range, as they are certainly more reliable than they were back in the day.

The new models in the Alfa Romeo range are the 4C, Giulietta, Mito and the Quadrifoglio Verde. However, there are also some of the older models, which as you know are not without their fair share of problems, such as the 156, 8C, Spider, Brera, and also the 159.

If you do have any issues with your Alfa Romeo, then please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Alfa Romeo UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Alfa Romeo car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Alfa Romeo? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • James

    The paintwork seems to scratch and chip far too easily on my Alfa 159, but has anyone else been suffering this issue? By the way, mine is the 2006 model.

  • Richard

    Why is it that my 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta seems to drink far more fuel than it should?

  • Jenson

    Would a faulty thermostat cause my 156 to run much cooler than normal, or am I missing something?

  • Nick

    Having recently bought a Alfa Romeo 156 Berlina there seems to be an issue with the boot lock. A symbol on the dash keeps saying it is not locked correctly, when in fact it is. However, after a few days the car no longer locks with the remote key, so what could be causing these issues?

  • Dave

    The first half of the clutch pedal on my Alfa 146 TI seems to by like pressing on air, and so thought if I bleed the clutch all would be fine. However, the moment I bleed it, the system just sucks a load of air back in. Could this be a case of a new clutch slave cylinder?

  • James

    is it just me or do the lights on the Alfa Romeo 159 seem just a little underpowered while on country and small b roads?

  • Nigel

    Yes, i do have a problem, and that is with the Alfa 159. I am still waiting for my one to be built, as there have been delays at the factory. This is just unacceptable.

  • Lee

    The heater in my Alfa 145 seems to take far to long to start letting out warm air. Could it be a thermostat issue, or something much worse?

  • Norm

    When I try to go into reverse from neutral it will not go into gear on my 2002 Alfa 147. However, if I then put it into another gear first and then into reverse it works, so what can it be?

  • Marcus

    For some very strange reason the speedo on my 2001 Alfa 156 only shows around half the correct speed. I have tried to ask friends what the issue could be, and all they say is what do you expect, it’s an Alfa – not the answer I was really hoping for.

  • Ricky

    The temperature light on my 2006 Alfa 147 will not go out, which then led me to top the system up, but it still stayed on. I then bled the system ,but it still remains on. Since the things have got worse, as the fan started to work harder than ever, and now the expansion tank is now empty.

  • Niles

    When I begin to rev my Alfa 156 rather higher there is a slight tinny sound from the engine. The noise sounds even worse while being driven up hills, but the good news is that there is no lack of power. Does anyone have a clue what the issue is?

  • Marco

    I really do love my 2008 Alfa Romeo 159, as she certainly is a beautiful looking car. However, I am now starting to grow tired of all her faults, such as a creaking windscreen, doors that rattle and a strange judder while driving every now and then. I wondered if any other 159 owners have these issues, and if so how they were able to resolve them?

  • Ryan

    The emprature gauge on my Alfa 156 fluctuates once it reaches the halfway point. However, this will only happen while stuck in traffic, or at the lights. However, once the car gets going the gauge then starts to fall to a normal level. Do you think the electric fan is no longer working, or is there something more serious I should worry about?

  • Ashton

    Arghhh, my 2002 Alfa 147 keeps origin up random error messages on the screen dash. Errors come up for things like ABS, and other faults, yet there are no issues. I would like to know what would cause this error to show up when they are not really there?

  • Marco

    Oh dear, yet another issue with my Alfa Romeo 156, as this time every time I put my food down to speed up it sounds as though air is being sucked into the engine rather than fuel. I have changed the MAF and exhaust sensors, but still the problem persists. Please help.

  • Janie

    My Alfa 147 has developed a rather annoying beeping sound, although gets even worse while driving long distances. However, t also beeps more when going over larger bumps in the road- I know, strange right?

  • Mark

    My Alfa 156 has started to make a strange blowing noise from the rear of the engine. I am not certain if it is coming from the pipe or the turbo. This only happens at about 3,000 RPM, and the good news is that there is no lack of power.

  • Steven

    Wish I had never bought my Alfa 159 Ti 19 Diesel, as had nothing but trouble with it. However, the biggest issue for me is the engine that now sounds louder than a London taxicab. I have made certain the car is serviced, and also had various sensors changed, yet the issue is still there – what am I missing?

  • Miles

    What could be causing my Alfa 156 to be losing so much power? When I put my foot flat to the floor it sounds as though air is being sucked in, which tends to happen more so when I am at around 1,500 to 2,000rpm

  • Jackie

    I used to love my Alfa 147, but ever since random error messages started to appear, I have now grown tired of the vehicle, especially as I don to have enough money to really take it to a dealer to get diagnosed. The issue I am having is with messages that appear on the dash, such as side light showing out, water level, black warning. The strange thing is, I have checked all of these and they are fine. Does anyone know if this would be down to a sensor issue, of if the computer needs to be reset?

  • Dannie

    For some strange reason my Alfa 146 keeps cutting out, and will only start if left for around 5-10 minutes.

  • Frank

    While for the most part my Alfa Romeo 147 has been pretty reliable, although I have started to notice a very annoying squeak with the suspension. I have heard this is a common fault and so wondered if it would be better to fit an aftermarket part instead?

  • Kenny

    Arghhhh, the engine ventilation hose on my Alfa Giulia has split along its entire length. Is this a common issue, and would I have to go to s main dealer for a replacement part?

  • rob

    What’s the best way to change the alternator on 156 2.0 16 valve can anybody help me please?

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