Audi problems

Audi was established back in 1932, although has been part of the Volkswagen umbrella since 1966, and has gone from strength to strength since then. When you think of Audi, you think of a more luxurious brand than VW, although we are sure many of you will debate that.

Audi problems

The German automaker might be based Ingolstadt, Germany, but it has 11 production facilities in 9 different countries, meaning it has a huge worldwide presence. We all know and love Audi’s slogan, which is “Vorsprung durch Technik” and means “Advancement through Technology”.

Some of the more popular models that Audi produce today are the A3, A4, A6, TT, R8, and the Q7, along with some of the more sportier S models as well. These include the S3, S4, S8, and also not forgetting the RS4, and the RS7.

The last recall to hit Audi was for 104,000 of its A4 models due to a software issue with its Airbags. However, this never affected the UK market, which was a good thing.

We have seen so many car recalls over the years, but thankfully Audi has not issued too many of them. Having said that, its models are not without problems, which we are sure you will only be too happy to share with us below.

Audi UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Audi car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Audi? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Stephen

    After having the entire steering rack replaced on my 2007 Audi A4 diesel, the rear suspension has since been replaced and now there is a problem with the rear window demister. This has to be one of the worst cars I have ever owned.

  • Anthony

    There was a strange knocking noise coming from my 2005 Audi A6 brakes. The main dealer tried to fix it once, yet the noise came back, so should I just bite the bullet and try a garage not associated with Audi?

  • Kathy

    The window regulator has started to play up on my 2012 Audi TT, i’m sure I read somewhere that this was a common issue, is this true?

  • John

    While driving at speed on the motorway in my 2014 Audi S4 the steering does not seem to perform as it should, as things feel a little twitchy. I feel as though the steering just wants to snap.

  • George

    No matter how many times I try, I just cannot enter a postcode into my 2011 Audi A5 Sat-nav. The dealer said that you cannot enter postcodes because they do not use them in Germany, is this correct?

  • River

    My 2004 Audi A3 recently went in for a service because it was running rough, found out that one of the coils was gong, so had it replaced. However, a few weeks later, the problem occurred again, and found out that another coil had gone. If you have this issue, it is best to just get them all changed.

  • Terry

    I left my 2003 Audi A6 for around three weeks, and we I went back to it everything worked fine, apart from the windscreen wipers. The fuse is ok, and so is the relay, so what is the next step I should take?

  • Marco

    I have a 2002 Audi A4 and when I go to pull away the car judders. I think it may be clutch related, but would I need a complete unit, or can just one part be replaced?

  • Des

    The rear passenger door on my Audi A6 no longer opens, and in the build up to it nt working there had been a few issue where it had been getting harder and harder to open.

  • Toby

    There is a slight thumping sound when I press the accelerator pedal on my 2003 Audi A2. It seems to be coming from the front, and there is no lack or performance.

  • Georgie

    When I accelerate in my 2008 Audi A4 it always seems to slip when changing into 3rd, as the revs rise and then falls to about 500rpm. There are no issues with any other gears, so what could be the problem?

  • Maggie

    I have searched all over my 2002 Audi A2 and just cannot find where the braking valve is. The reason I am looking for this is due to the fact the brakes no longer work on the passenger side wheel at the front, and the drivers side at the rear.

  • Debbie

    The steering on my Audi 80 has a slight knocking noise when I drive slowly around corners. The noise will get progressively worse the faster I go. I really do not know the first thing about cars, hence why I came on this forum rather than be ripped off at a garage.

  • Kyle

    I cannot understand why my 2004 Audi A3 is blowing out a huge amount of blue smoke from the exhaust. The reason I say this is because the engine has recently undergone a rebuild, so this should not be happening.

  • Chris

    When I press the brake pedal on my 2005 Audi A4 there is a strange clunking sound from all four wheels at low speeds. This only happens while driving forward, but the strange thing is this only started to happen after I had new brake pads and discs fitted all round. Do you think they were incorrectly installed, or a faulty set?

  • Darren

    I cannot believe that my Audi A5 could now be affected by this VW diesel emissions global issue. The company have said that this model is now included in the upcoming recall, and now I have to play the waiting game.

  • Wozza

    Several weeks ago the rear passenger door on my 2006 Audi A6 stopped opening when trying to use the external handle. However, it will now not open using the internal handle. Do you think this is a fault with just a rod on the inside of the door panel, or am I looking at something a lot worse?

  • Aron

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, looks like Audi might be adding some more recalls to its list, as it now seems another engine could be using the cheat software. I know this is only the VW unit for now, but it’s only a matter of time before Audi makes a similar announcement surely?

  • Owen

    Once I get to about 2,500 RPM, my Audi 80 seems to lack power, just until it gets to just over 3,000, and then it kicks in once again. Does anyone find this strange at all?

  • Scott

    The rear passenger door on my Audi A6 will no longer open. It first started with not being able to use the external door handle, but now the internal one no longer works either. How easy is it to gain access to the inner workings, and to see just what the issue is?

  • Martin

    When I drive my Audi 80 slowly all is fine, but when I put my foot down, the car will accelerate very well until it gets to 2,500 revs and then seems to hit a brick wall. It is not until it gets to just over 3,000 revs that the car beings to accelerate once again.

  • Jessica

    Please help, my car alarm keeps going off at all different times on my Audi A4. It will go off day or night for around 20 seconds at a time. It can happen a few minutes after the last time, or hours. One other thing, the driver’s side electric window no longer works, so could the two be related?

  • Don

    I can no longer use the handle on the rear door of my Audi A6 to get in, which has become a bit of a pain, does anyone know if it is easy to fix?

  • Devon

    I am a little confused, as the indicators no longer work on my Audi A6, yet the hazards do. Are these on a separate relay or fuse, and if so where would they be located?

  • Jack

    The MMI is a load of rubbish in my Audi Q6, as the voice recognition is unable to recognize much. And do not get me started on the navigation, as it takes far too long to start up. Has anyone else had the same issues?

  • Hayley

    My 2007 Audi A3 started to run very rough and so I put a reader to see what error codes would come up. It seems that there are random multiple cylinder misfires. Does anyone have any information as to what could be the cause.

  • Anne

    Does anyone have an idea as to why the light adjuster on the Audi A3 Speedo has stopped working? It’s currently stuck on the dimmest setting and so becomes very hard to see what speed I am doing while driving at night.

  • Doug

    My 2014 Audi A5 has a bit of hesitation when applying the power, although once at speed things run just fine.

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