Check if your Volkswagen is affected by emissions scandal by VIN

In what seems like a lifetime, the website to check to see if your Volkswagen is affected by this whole diesel scandal is now live. The website was already online last week, although the VW recall checker tool was not.

Check if your Volkswagen is affected

This mean you will now be able to input your VIN into the recall checker to see if your vehicle is affected. Remember, you only need to check if you have the EA189 engine fitted, although if you do not have an idea if you do or not, just use the tool anyway.

When the site went live yesterday it was as though Apple had just released a new version of its mobile OS, as it crashed soon after because the millions of people trying to access it at the same time.

However, now the dust has settled, you should not have any issues using the VW recall checker.

If you have an affected vehicle, then please share with us HERE what your next steps are.