Citroen problems listed

Citroen problems are not as widespread as you would get from some of the larger car brands, but that is always going to be the case when you sell in much higher numbers, and also profit margins are even more important. However, from time to time there will be Citroen cars with issues, a fine example was the C3 Picasso recall that happened last year.

Citroen problems listed

While not all that big around the world, Citroen has a large presence in the UK, and the rest of Europe. However, this is a French based company and are not afraid of taking chances in terms of the design of some of their vehicles. We have seen several problems over the years with some models, although last year was a pretty good year for them – not for the likes of Honda and Toyota though.

However, if you do happen to have a problem with your Citroen, then we ask that you share those with us by leaving a comment below. If you are concerned that your car has developed a fault that other people have, then you can always head to Citroen customer services and check your VIN to see if there has been a recall for that particular model.

Citroen UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Citroen car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Citroen? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Josh

    My 2001 C4 seems to be idling erratically, could it be down to a faulty fuel sensor, or something else?

  • Alex

    Is it a common fault for the 2.0 HDi VTS to stutter when cold, and if not, what could be the cause?

  • Jasmine

    Every now and then the battery light come on for a few seconds and also the rev counter often fails on my C2, is this a common issue?

  • Karen

    I have the warning message ABS fault – Non Function appearing on my Citroen Xsara Picasso dash.

  • Andy

    My Citroen Xsara Picasso has developed a problem with its engine because while I was driving there was a loud thumping sound, and the car coasted to a stop. Now the engine will no longer turn over or start.

  • Boris

    I’ve lost the locking wheel nut on my C5, how can I remove the wheel without it?

  • Dusty

    I currently have a 2002 Citroen C3 1.4 16v SX diesel has gone into limp mode, what on earth could be the cause?

  • Jill

    For some reason the power steering Saxo is not working correctly. The pump will run for a while, then stop working. If I turn the engine off and on again, then pump then runs for around 30 seconds.

  • Carol

    The radio on my Citroen C5 keeps turning on by itself. Is there a setting that makes this happen?

  • Lewis

    My 2005 Citroen C2 1.4 VTR struggles to start, the engine turns over fine and I know the battery is strong. I have to play with the throttle in order to get the car to start, although this does take a while.

  • Chris

    For some reason the decat Citroen Saxo does not fit on the manifold, as it is too big, why would this be?

  • Grace

    How come my C3 is unable to start easily in the mornings, it’s no issue when the engine is earn though.

  • Terry

    For some reason my 2012 Citroen DS5 gives me a very rough ride. I have heard this was a common problem, but surely not this bad?

  • Julie

    My 2006 Citroen, Xsara Picasso Diesel keeps cutting out and the ESP light comes on.

  • David

    I have a gearbox oil leak on my 2007 Citroen C3, could it be as simple as a perished seal?

  • Paul

    My 2011 C4 seems to be idling erratically, could this be due to a faulty O2 Sensor, a vacuum leak or possibly burnt valves?

  • Jack

    While driving along in my Citroen Xsara Picasso there was a huge temp and the car coasted to a stop. Could it be possible that the timing chain has snapped or could it be much worse, like a valve dropping into the piston because the belt snapped?

  • Jerry

    The horn on my 2010 C5 Tourer Exclusive has decided to stop working, which I believe happened shortly after going through flood. The strange thing is, the fuse has not blown, does this mean the horn itself is water damaged?

  • Mel

    My Citroen C3 is currently having a few rating problems and after plugging it into a machine here are the error codes:
    P1351 – UndefinedP0401 – EGR Flow Insufficient
    P0002 – Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit
    P1163 – Undefined
    P0266 – Cylinder 2 Contribution / Balance
    P1207 – Undefined

    So what does it all mean?

  • Andy

    I’ve noticed that my 2007 C4 Picasso is now taking longer to start, is this a common issue seeing as though the model is now getting a little

  • Eric

    The traction control light keeps coming up on my dash, although I know there is nothing wrong with the system on my Citroen DS3.

  • Jezza

    Is it normal for my C4 Cactus to judder in first gear, and if not what on earth could be the cause?

  • Nigel

    The gearbox in my 2007 Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HD has given up the ghost, but the equation I would like to know is, would a 1.6 HDI Picasso gearbox fit?

  • Linda

    The brakes on my Citroen C4 Picasso are not working as well as they should, could this be due to the brake assistance vacuum pump issue?

  • Dawn

    Has anyone else had an issue with the Sensodrive on their Citroen C3 Pluriel?

  • kay

    When my 2002 Citroen Xsara is cold it keeps cutting out and roughs rough. However, once warm it drives perfectly fine, so what on earth could cause this?

  • Molly

    One wiper on my Citroen DS4 stays up when the engine is turned off, and will slowly move to its normal position after a while.

  • Mandy

    My Citroen Xsara no longer has any electrics, yet an alarm is sounding on my steering wheel. What on earth could this be?

  • Lisa

    Once started it does not take my 2002 Citroen Saxo temperature gauge to rise it the red. I can ease the temperature down by setting the heater to hot and the blowers to max. There are no blockages in the system, so what else could cause such an issue?

  • Tim

    My 1.1L Citroen Saxo does not start as easy as it once did. I have replaced the battery, and alternator, along with the plugs and leads, yet the problem is still there. What am I missing, because I just cannot thins what else it could be?

  • Sarah

    My 2003 Citroen C3 seems to idle far higher than it should, although it will also drop too low as well. Could this be a vacuum issue, or something else?

  • Rachel

    My 2002 Citroen Saxo 1.1L is unable to start. No matter how many times I try, the engine just want kick in. The battery is working just fine, and so is the alternator. She gets very close to starting, but nothing. I have also checked the plugs and lead, and yes, there is full in the car.

  • Candy

    I know, yet another Saxo issue, but I am sick and tired of the temperature gauge on my 2003 model, as it climbs really quick once I have been driving for a few miles. The old trick of putting the heater on the hottest setting and the blower on full to help bring the temperature down, but this is only going to do the trick for a limited amount of time. I’m not sure what I should do in order to test to see what the problem is.

  • Joe

    I have a Citroen Berlingo, which has developed an hydraulic oil leak, which has since left a horrible stain on my drive. I had been told it was coming from the steering, which has scene been fixed, but the leak is still there. Where else could this leak be coming from?

  • Sarah Louise O Rorke

    I Have A Citroen saxo vtr 2002 plate Had it for over two year and having a constant problem with my exhaust rubbers keep snapping with every 3 weeks i have to keep replacing them and worst of all my exhaust it keeps falling off from the front from the manifold and every garage cannot figure out why this keeps happen so Citroen please do tell me why this keeps happening and is there a problem with the manufacture of the car?

  • Danny

    There’s a horrible screeching noise on my Citroen C3 once it warms up. It is strange this never happens when the engine is cold. However, when I put my foot on the brake the noise goes away. I have been told by one or two people that it could be the servo, but I don’t really trust their jugement.

  • Paul

    Sounds like the exhaust wasn’t lined up properly before tightening.

  • Hattie

    I cannot understand why my Saxo keeps getting lower, I am working that it is an issue with the shock absorbers. I am also worried that the issue could be even more serious than a new set of shock absorbers.

  • Sara

    My Citroen C3 keeps idling high, although will often go too low as well. I remember in the old days all you had to do to fix this problem was adjust the mixture flow on the carb, but it is not so simple these days. Is there anything I can do, or will it have to be taken to a garage?

  • Samantha

    Citeron c3 59 plate had the car 8 weeks headlights where not working or brake lights changedo bulbs still not working garage said water from the tank as got into the fuse box and corroded the fuse box we have to have the whole thing replaced but this is a problem that will continue to happen due to the water tank been so close to the fuse box not a happy costumer at all still not heard from the warranty company or dealership about having the repairs done. Why did they not recall all these cars with this problem?

  • Hayley

    My Citroen C5 has 125,000 miles on the clock, and has now started to run a bit rough. She has a rough idle, and will cut out every now and then. I have replaced all filters, and replaced plugs and leads, yet the problem is still there. What else could be causing this?

  • Des

    The multi-function screen radio, which also has the sat-nav keeps turning itself on and off constantly in my 2010 Citroen C5 . There seems to be no way to stop this from happening – please help.

  • Rosalind

    I have a 2013 plate Citreon DS3 which I loved. I have paid the 17.99 per month to have the yearly service covered. It was serviced 6 weeks ago. On 4th November this year I was driving down a busy main road. I had a good distance between myself and the car in front and naturally slowed down through gears as I approached a forthcoming roundabout. I must have been traveling 20mph at this time and was aware of the bus infrintbof the car in front and the busy 5 exit roundabout. I went to slow down and put my foot on the break and nothing happened. The break pedal did not push down almost like it was stuck. I started changing down gears in the hope of slowing down but realised after a few seconds that I would end up hitting the car in front. I was terrified as I knew I couldn’t stop. Fortunately, I had enough distance. And time to make a decision to swerve the car up onto the pavement into a lamppost , rather than hit the car in front and possibly cause a three or four car accident from traffic coming if a busy roundabout. I can’t explain it, but it was almost like I lost all power and it was terrifying to have to make a decision on the best thing to do. I braced myself for the crash. My head hit the steering wheel across the bridge of my nose. I sat there hand s on wheel staring at the lamppost thinking I’m ok I’m alive – not even airbags deployed and then literally ten seconds later the airbags did deploy. Because I was upright in my seat they caught me in my right hand side under my jaw leaving me cut , grazed and bleeding along with my nose. But only on the right hand side of my face as my face was turned to the left. This shocked me even more as I thought it was all ok. I have never been so scared in my life and never had an accident in 25 yrs since I’ve been driving. The witness statements totally back up my statement. I’m not sure if the engine went at the sane time as the brakes but all I know is I crashed into the lamppost to avoid colliding with maybe 3 or 4 cars bear a busy roundabout. Luckily I was a good distance behind to be able to make the decision. As I say the car was serviced on 29th Septemer. But something went very wrong on 4th November. Nobody crashes into a lamppost for the fun if it – I was lucky I was a good distance behind learner driver in front and made the right call. It was 1.45 in the afternoon rising but bright. I don’t know what to do as I am claiming against myself on insurance thank god it’s just me. But I know the car failed that day. What do I do? How do prove it. I love my car, but think it may be a right off. I gave list confidence in driving and have substained injuries. I’m not sure where to take this or how I can be recognise that it was the car at fault, especially after such a recent service. I’m pretty heartbroken. Anybody got any advice or know of similar problems??

  • Gisolly

    Hi Rosalind,

    The EXACT same thing happened to me today and I had a head on collision. I like you, eventually had to take a decision before smashing in to the car in font (as they were reducing speed and we were going down a steep hill, which made matters worse), and so I swerved on to the other side of the road (there was no where to go to my left) and hit an oncoming car. My band new C4 Cactus is a write off but miraculously myself and the passengers of the other car walked away relatively un-injured (thankfully my airbag did deploy unlike yours). This Cactus is brand new, and I leased it only two weeks ago, directly from Citroen. I have found another lady online who had the exact same experience with her Cactus earlier this year. I like you am now in a desperate position to plead my case of the car having failed me! I don’t know what to do prove it?! I haven’t notified my insurer or Citroen yet – I’ll do that tomorrow.

    Any advice is most desperately needed and most gratefully received.

    I very much could have died today having a head on collision with a Range Rover and I am at a loss as to what to do to prove my case. It all starts tomorrow..

    Thanks in advance,

  • Linda

    My Citreon C3 has an issue with its manual gearbox, as I cannot seem to select 2nd or reverse. Every time I try to select these gears there is a horrible grinding noise. Twas told it was the selector cables, which I had repaired, but this never fixed the problem ,si what should my next step be?

  • Laura

    Please help, as my Saxo has developed a serious coolant leak, which looks as though it is coming from the expansion tank, but unable to tell for sure. I keep fix?topping it up at night and by moving its empty again. Is there I way I can make a temporary fix?

  • Martin

    I have a C5 11 Plate. I had a similar issue, and during cold snaps the car would go into economy mode almost as soon as the ignition was switched on. It seemed the alternator was not really charging the battery very well. It seems OK at low tick over but reving up caused the voltage to drop to 11 and sometimes 10volts. Most garages will analyse the battery and alternator for you to see if this might be the problem..

  • Jacob

    I have an automatic Citroen Xsara Picasso and each time I pull away it slips in first gear. I have also seen a warning light appear on the dash and then the engine will go into limp mode, and so can only drive at a very low speed. However, if I restart the car it is no longer in limp mode, but it still slips in first gear.

  • Stephen Bailey

    Purchased Brand New New DS5 Facelift last year (2015). Recall. Ref NNY (Non Comformity of Fuel return circuit pipes ‘Engine Compartment.’ Possible contact with adjacent pipes. ‘Fuel Return Pipe’. Yet to Remedy. (2nd Issue) : Have water entering vehicle. seems to be coming in to Left & Right sides of Engine Bay (Under Bonnet) from Both Headlamps. Thirdly : Radio/CD unit keeps Turning off (Re-Booting) Especially when it rains. Any IDEA ? Could it be water insides the engine compartment & or a part of the Rain/Snow Sensor Controller? that is causing this ? (All 3 items have to be sorted ASAP). Otherwise a Great Car, very comfortable & Reliable.

  • Lisa Pruden

    Hi there, I have a C4, 11 plate I’m having problems with the temperature sensor. It is not starting on a morning and says it’s over heating when driving. I have had this checked at a garage who have stated it’s the sensor. However citreon have said the part is not a recall but the parts department are saying different. BMW and Peugeot use the same part and they have recalled there’s.

  • Carlos Caetano

    Hi there, I have a C5 1.6 hdi exclusive from 2007. The thing is that my radio/navigator/onboard computer takes a lot of time to turn on, it just turns on after the car “warms” up a little. Can someone give me a help? Thank you!!

  • Suky Dhir

    I have a 60 plate c3 citroen picasso 1.6hdi Exclusive, I have just done 39k miles and the Power Steering has developed a fault. I took it to my local garage and then Halfords and both advised that it would need to go back to Citroen. I have taken car to Citroen who have now had the car for over a week and am still waiting for the car back. Citroen seem to think that the Car needs a new Power Steering Motor and Ecu. I am shocked at the bill which will be around the £500 mark. I am not happy. Have read on various forums of people having similar problems with this car. Citroen boost about their aftersales and cars manufactured to the highest standards, when you do have a fault and visit their Service department you are left feeling like a victim of being sold a car with poor build quality and left out of pocket. No Citroen Sales or Manager wants to know then, so easy to just blame it on Electrical/Mechanical Faults

  • Greg

    Danny did you ever find out what the issue was with the screeching noise? Seem to be experiencing the same issue.

  • Sinisa

    I have C3 2007,113000 km passed,Recently I have change the water pump..and some strange sound show up,,(like some kind of oscillating thing) morning nothing..sound show after 3-4 km passed..

  • Chris

    I have a 2006 c4 with only 30,000 miles.oil is leaking on the left side of the engine from the head gasket.just wondering are Citroen doing a recall with this engine problem

  • Donna Thomas-Peters

    We have just discovered the exact same problem. 11 plate exclusive 1.6hdi c3 picasso. Power steering went whilst driving on motorway!! We have had an independent mechanic to do the diagnostics. We shall be contacting Citroen tomorrow ourselves.

  • Steve Bartlett

    I have a 64 plate new shape C1, I had three warning lights on the dashboard, engine, low tyre pressure and ABS, dealer now has the vehicle and it requires a new ECU and a Catalytic Oxygen sensor. They have another vehicle of similar age with the same problem.

  • Jack

    Hi I picked up a brand new ds4 1.2 pure tech a month ago love the car but two weeks and 300 miles later the car flashed warning lights of engine failure and went into limp mode. Got the car towed into the garage to be told it needed a new ecu. over two weeks later I am still waiting to get my car back as the part so I am told still hasn’t been delivered.

  • Steve Bartlett

    Hello Jack, my C1 has been fixed but I had two wait just over two weeks for Citroen to source the replacement parts and repair the car, it sounds like your fault was of a more serious nature as my car did seem to drive okay with the warning lights illuminated.

  • Jack

    Still haven’t got my ds4 back it will be 4 weeks on sat. Jack.

  • Beverley Smith

    My ds5 2.0 sport 2013 “died” 18 days ago. No warning at all. Towed to nearest dealer who said new ABS Control module needed. Once replaced another fault came up, the ECU faulty!!! Car 20 days out of warranty. Citroen will pay half but still left with over £1000 to pay. Anyone else had this problem, shocking in a 3 year old car and no one being very helpful.

  • Danielle

    HI, I have owned a C4 grand Picasso 08 reg 1.6 diesel semi auto for a week…mpg doesn’t seem to show on dash. It went mad going up and down with all kinds of ridiculous numbers the first time we filled up the tank and have been driving all week thinking it will settle down but now it just shows as blank. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Russell

    I have a recurring issue with my Citroen C5 suspension, after having to make repairs myself after someone had tried to fix it before me, but only used a jubilee clip rather than a crimping tool. I also made certain the system was bled, yet the car is still only a few inches from the floor. What could be the cause of this problem?

  • L


    I have a Citreon DS3 of the same age. Two days ago I had the same experience and was lucky that there was sufficient travel distance between me and a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing which was on red. I got it to the garage I use and the pipe had sheared off. No warning at all that this was to occur. I am terrified of driving it when it is ready. What was the outcome of your issue?


  • Will Edwards

    HI I have a DS4 and generally have a full tank, 1 out of the 12 bars had gone and i was at the petrol station so filled up. It didn’t register anything and stayed 11/12 thought maybe just needed a bit of driving to “click” still nothing and x miles later the bar drops to 10/12 so I filled up expecting £15 but not cost £7 and still sat on 10/12 bars full?????

  • Mark A

    Hi Donna, my partner has had exactly the same problem with her 60 plate 1.6hdi c3 Picasso. Did you get a reply from Citreon?

  • Christine

    What is the cause of my citroen 3 cut out dead nothing at all and after about one hour and a half it comes back to life I am very unhappy with this happening it’s frighteningly when you are driving and all power goes cam anyone advise before I get killed

  • Donna Thomas-Peters

    Hiya Mark .Yes we did. I wrote a complaint on the actual official UK Citroen Facebook page and they inboxed me back asking for contact details. They then phoned me and I explained everything. It was going to cost us £50 at our local Citroen garage, to do the same diagnostic test as our neighbour had done which detected a fault with internal component on the power steering. I stressed how dangerous it was for thus to happen. Citroen covered the full cost of diagnostics and parts and labour..a total of £660+. It pays to complain. Good luck!

  • Martin Harrison

    Hi, I bought my parents a Citroen C5 manual 18 months ago and just before its 36 month warranty expired in September for the second time the gearbox broke. At £1,000+ a time this is wrong but has anyone had any experience of this fault as I believe it is common! Martin.

  • Mav

    It’s a calibration issue – I had the same happen on my C5 X7. It can happen if it is ‘brimmed’ too much. You are not supposed to fill it past the third click. Citroen can hook it up to their Lexia / Diagbox diagnostic and can re calibrate it.

  • Will Edwards

    Thanks Mav,
    I’d contacted citroen whom wanted £35 for this, which I’d booked in for.
    The run up to the booking I was, according to the display, down to half a tank. So I filled up and the display reset itself (free of charge 😉 ) so didn’t need to waste my £35.

  • Mav

    Great news Will, free is even better! – When I noticed mine, it was the same issue – always 11/12ths full, but once they reset it no problems – did it under warranty.

  • Amanda Spurr

    Hi, I have a 2015 Cactus Shine 1.6 but the sat nav keeps telling me the opposite direction to the map! I’ve asked in my local citroen dealer (I live in Spain) but they want €150 to update it!! For me, it’s clearly a fault of the software. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks.

  • GiveMeABreak

    As it is a 2015 model it should be under manufacturer warranty for 3 years unless you’ve exceeded the mileage (usually 60k). This is not a matter of getting the maps updated to the latest version, even with the maps you have it should not be doing this. Do not be fobbed off with that load of tosh, stand your ground. It is clearly a defect and either they will need to update the system firmware or look at changing the GPS module if it is faulty. A map update may contain a firmware update for the system in order to use the new maps, but the firmware is usually available from Citroen by order and they shouldn’t charge you more than a few Euros for it if at all. As long as you can demonstrate that it is faulty they really have to fix it. If you get any grief, go direct to Citroen Head Office where Sen that is and complain there, they are usually very good with dealing with issues whereas the dealers will sometimes try to fob you off with excuses.

  • GiveMeABreak

    It is very rare for the gearboxes to ‘break’ requiring a replacement! They can sometimes require a reset and I assume we are talking about an auto box here. Have a look on the French Car Forum as I’m sure there are some relevant topics regarding the gearbox issues.

  • Amanda Spurr

    Thank you, exactly what I thought. I shall persevere!

  • GiveMeABreak

    Amanda – just one thing to check first. On some of the PSA Navigation systems there is an option to have the ‘North Up’ compass option on, so that the map always shows North as ahead – meaning that the car will still be going to the destination, but will appear to be travelling in all directions. The option can be set to have the car’s heading North, in which case the car will always be heading North and the map will rotate about the car instead. Just thought it worth a mention ☺

  • Amanda Spurr

    Great thought, I’ll take a look. Thank you, much appreciated.

  • kim

    hi i just got the 2016 c3 puretech platinum brand new 2 days ago and im findin the clutch feels weird…it has to be lifted fully before it engages and lets the car move anywhere which causes stalling

  • Sobia Sarfaraz

    I bought C4 picasso 2008 model last year
    Have a problem with the steering it get stuck totaly is so hard to turn the car, on the display it says power steering faulty. Did let it checked with citroen workshop but no fault detected. Have also problem with the brakes, sometimes i have to leave the brake pedal and then push it again, then the brake works. I drive the car with kids with me really need help

  • Chris Hodkinson

    Hi I brought my Citroen ds3 in October last year and come may time I’ve had an engine fault light pop up and taken it to 3 different garages and still can’t fix the problem please help ??

  • GiveMeABreak

    Chris, did you buy it brand new – or new to you? I just ask as it will be covered under main dealer warranty for the first 3 years / 60k miles. That aside, the engine fault code usually comes on with another fault or warning message. If not, you need to have it diagnosed by a garage with a Lexia / Diagbox. These tools are the specific diagnostic tools used by Citroen an will provide far more information than a generic code reader used by a lot of garages. A main Citroen dealer will charge you no more than £90 for a full diagnostic check and many will take this charge off any repair work that may need doing. You really need to take it to a garage that know what they are doing for a start. A Citroen dealer will charge slightly more, but they have the full equipment and diagnostic fault trees and the trained technicians to fault find if you want peace of mind.

  • Andrew Laister

    Just had a call today about a recall on my berlingo it was off in monday for service and they was going to do recall at same time but they cant get the part now they wont service it until they can do it as its a safety recall.

  • GiveMeABreak

    What year and model is it Andrew or even better the VIN?

  • Andrew Laister

    Late 2015

  • GiveMeABreak

    There were only a couple of VOSA recalls for around this year, one being the high pressure fuel rail pipes on the engine may not have been torqued to the correct specification, which could cause a fuel leak / fire and the other concerning some airbags not made to spec., that could result in incorrect deployment. The fuel leak concerned a couple of weeks of production vehicles in Jan 2014 and the airbag fault between April and May 2016, so the later one shouldn’t affect you, but the fuel one is a little too early unless your was affected and was a late registration. It is likely to be neither of these though and may just be a Citroen known issue at this point.

  • Andrew Laister

    They said it had only come on the system in the last couple of days

  • GiveMeABreak

    Too early for the VOSA update then. At least they have picked up on it and are actioning it straight away!

  • GiveMeABreak

    First thing thar comes to mind is BATTERY. Dials going mad and any clicking are symptoms of a weak or low battery. The batteries generally give everyrhing until they go and then that’s it!

    Winter or the colder months will also take an extra toll keeping all the electrics going.

  • Andrew Laister

    The recall was something to do with the blue additive.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Ah, that’ll be your AdBlue additive (urea) that reduces the NOx emissions via the SCR system.

  • Sally Smith

    Anyone had a problem with a burning smell inside their C3 Picasso. I’d been out yesterday and as soon as I pulled in at home I noticed what I thought was electrical burning smell. I’ve checked wheel hubs and engine but hubs not hot so not brakes. Any ideas. It’s a 66 plate.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Have you got anything plugged into the 12V accessory socket, like a phone charger? If so, some non-genuine cheaper ones can overheat and burn. I’ve seen it happen several times. If not, did you turn the car heater up just previous to noticing it? If the car is pretty new, it could be just the high temperature. Another possibility is some oil or other liquid on the hot exhaust. Last suggestion could be that if a diesel, you may have switched the car off whilst it was undertaking a Particulate Filter Regeneration cycle. The exhaust gases are heated up significantly to allow the DPF to burn off the soot once the filter starts to clog. This is normal, but if the cycle is interrupted too many times the DPF won’t be able to regenerate and clear the soot. That’s why continued short journeys are no good for modern diesels. At least once a month, give the car a good run once it reaches operating temperature. Keep it in 4th gear for 5 to 10 minutes where you can do a constant 45-50 MPH, to allow it to regenerate.

  • Jane Atkinson

    We have a problem with our auto hand break in our citroen grand picasso. How can we get it to release? Can’t move it even to a garage….!

  • GiveMeABreak

    I take it this is the Electric Handbrake? With engine running, you should be able to put your foot onto the floor brake, hold it there and at the same time release the electric brake. If the electric parking brake switch is a lift / push button, then push it whilst holding the foot on the floor brake. That should release it. If this is not working, let me know the year of your car and the trim level or VIN number and I’ll be able to confirm the procedure for you.

  • Stewart

    Wondering if anyone can help. My fathers C3 Picasso has been sitting for a while and battery died. Tried jump starting but its making buzzing noise and the economy running mode light on and when I try turning the Key to start her it just clicks and beeps with the red STOP alert on. Any ideas??

  • GiveMeABreak

    You’ll need to remove the battery and give it a proper charge. A discharged battery will do the car no good, especially with all the electronics. The various ECUs can easily be upset with little or no power. A jump start with the battery in this condition is not going to help you I suspect.

    Take it off the car and allow it to fully charge.

  • Faye

    Can anyone help I have a Citroën DS3 and the wipers keep coming on intermittently when it’s not raining even when in the off position and off auto has anyone else had this issue and managed to sort it? Thanks

  • GiveMeABreak

    When you move the left hand wiper stalk from auto to the ‘0’ position, there should be a deactivation message displayed on the multifunction screen confirming this. Does this happen?

  • Faye

    Yes it says automatic wipers deactivated.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Ok, there are several possibilities and without hooking it up to a Lexia, it will be difficult to pinpoint it. The signals are sent though the comms unit in the steering column to the main computer (BSI) that commands everything to work and when to stop based on info it gets from the rain and sunlight sensor. It may be a relay on the blink, the comms unit or he BSI. However, try the BSI reset procedure first 0 this won’t cost you anything to try and is known to cure some electrical gremlins in PSA cars. Follow the procedure to the letter and the timings and DON’T open any doors or the tailgate whilst performing the procedure until you have completed it. This may do the trick. If not, you will need to get the diagnostic kit on it.

    BSI Reset Procedure:

    1) Put the driver’s window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all equipment is switched off.
    2) Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition.
    3) Wait for 3 minutes (you can sometimes here a whir or a click after a few minutes). Again, don’t open any of the doors or tailgate during this time, or the BSI will ‘wake up’ again.
    4)Disconnect the vehicle battery and wait at least 3 minutes.
    5) Ensure all the doors and tailgate remain closed.
    6) Reconnect the vehicle battery (try to make a clean contact by not attaching and removing the negative terminal whilst re-connecting). 7) Wait a further 3 minutes (do not open doors or tailgate).
    8) Switch on the side lights through the driver’s window you left open.
    9) Switch on the ignition (but don’t start car) and check system’s functionality.
    10) With key still in ignition, hold the lock button on key down for about 10 seconds to reinitialise the key fob.
    11) Remove the key then operate the central locking with the fob – open & close the door.
    12) Then start the engine and check everything is fine.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Faye

    Ok thank you

  • Rhys Llewellyn

    Hi, there, I have a Citroen c3 Picasso. 2011. Keep getting a power steering fault coming up on the dash, steering locks up. Tried numerous forums. Nothing works. Any suggestions please guys’?

  • Tony moan

    I have a Citroen Ds5 just over 3 years old an my sat nav only picks up some satilitie an then then radio and sat nav switches off every 1/2 hour an takes 3 minutes to come back on. What is my next step

  • GiveMeABreak

    First thing I would suggest is getting the system firmware updated, they usually release newer versions along with the official map updates from HERE maps. If you haven’t upgraded your maps since you had the car and you havent applied a new firmware update independently, I would suggest that first of all as they generally fix any bugs. Failing that, the system may be overheating, especially if you have the inside temp quite high. The system has a fan internally, but can struggle to cool the unit sufficiently is some circumstances. If you post up your VIN, I’ll have a look at the system and the latest firmware version there is for it.

  • George 1

    Can anyone help me I have Citroen xsara piccasso deisel 2002 just recently I have parked my car and leave it in gear but when I return to my car and try to put the gear stick in neutral it is stuck in gear it has never done this before can anyone help me with this problem

  • GiveMeABreak

    Could be several reasons – your gear linkages may need lubricating, or the synchromesh is worn, or if you’ve had the clutch changed recently – may be out of kilter…

  • Land Of Confusion

    I have a 52 Citroen C3 SX and whist driving yesterday I noticed something wasn’t right. It quickly occurred to me that there was no ‘ticking’ sound when I activate the turn indicators. The relevant lights on the dash come on and off as do the indicators themselves and there is no Check Engine light lit and the problem also seems to affect the driver’s seatbelt unplugged warning tone, handbrake not fully disengaged warning tone and low fuel warning tone but nothing else. The car otherwise starts and runs fine.

    I have checked the battery (charge OK) and done a BSI reset but the problem persists. If I get time I’ll check the fuses tomorrow but other than that are there any test points or anything specific cables I can stick a multimeter into?

  • GiveMeABreak

    Check all your earthing points, these can be a cause of electrical faults. Failing that if you have any other issues with the lights going on and off, it could be your comma 2000 unit on the blink.


    We have a 1.4 2005 citroen c3 all of a sudden all the doors locked and only way to exit the car was to wind down drivers window and put key in the outside and use exterior handle to open door. now only the drivers door opens by key and strangely the remote still unlocks the boot ! so have a 5 door that’s a 2 door Help please.

  • Land Of Confusion

    Thanks for the reply. I can’t see anything obviously wrong (although I did find some chaffing to wires coming off the ECU) and the lights seem to work fine, just no sound.

    Looking at the Comma part you mentioned it seems the speaker is part of it, so I’ll probably chance £30 and get a salvaged unit and see if that fixes things… BTW, do you know if it’s coded to the car?

  • GiveMeABreak

    I should of typed Comms 2000 unit, it’s this autocorrect! Nothing to do with the speakers. The Comms unit interfaces with the BSI and deals with the lights, wipers, indicators etc. If this has gone a replacement might help, if you need to get the right one as there are literally hundreds of these. However, I would check the engine compartment fuse box and all the earthing points as these are known weak points on the C3.

  • Nigel

    So out of the 65 affected 2016 C3 Picaso’s due to it’s front airbag issue, mine is part of that recall.

  • Joey

    The Abs light on my 2008 comes on and then will go out, but will then keep flashing when I put my foot on the brake.

  • GiveMeABreak

    It would help if you said what model, what year and gave a little more info. You didn’t say whether the ABS light comes on while driving without touching the brake, or whether it comes on only when you touch the brakes when driving. It is supposed to flash on and off when active whilst driving when it detects wheel lock. If the system is faulty it will be deactivated and the ABS lamp will remain lit.

  • Sav

    I have my Citroen DS5 2013 when ever I put the heating on and on low it Freezes then shuts down and restart and keeps downing that every 10 mins the whole way. What is the problem and how can I fix it.

  • Sav

    I mean my audio system I have my Citroen DS5 2013 when ever I put the heating on and on low it Freezes then shuts down and restart and keeps downing that every 10 mins the whole way. What is the problem and how can I fix it.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Could be one of several things. First what type of Head Unit do you have in your DS5? RT6 / RNEG / SMEG or better still your VIN number will help me identify it for you. A firmware update may be needed. Restarts can often be attributed to overheating within the head unit itself (these are very compact systems, with a lot of electronics and little air volume for the fan to use to cool). Having a DVD or CD inserted generates a lot of additional heat, so ejecting these can reduce operating temperature. Next the fan itself may be faulty and not cooling at all, so the system restarts to protect itself. The last thing I can think of is that the Hard Disk Drive might be playing up in the Head Unit. Sometimes updating or re-applying the firmware can correct the partitions and file system. If you post up your VIN I can tell you what system you have, then you can let me know what version of firmware you have in the system.

  • BabyAJ123

    Hiya guys, I have a 57 plate c3 vtr. Keeps coming up with anti pollution fault which results in the engine losing power and in most cases cutting out completely. Sometimes the anti pollution light doesn’t even have to come on for it to cut out. Taken it to the garage so many times but it comes up with nothing on the diagnostic but the only time it did come up with a problem it was the coils and spark plugs which have been change but still dose it. Its come up with other faults in between eg the fog lamp but on the look it all works. Any help please I have my 3 little boy in the car most times and im afraid its going to happen at the wrong time. Many thanks

  • GiveMeABreak

    Can I suggest you post your issue on the French Car Forum – just google it. There’s a lot of members there providing free advice including myself. Registration is quick and free.

  • John Adams

    Hi, I’ve had the same problem today, Citroen have insisted that i pay £89 for a diagnostic test (which Ive already had done for free by a local citroen specialist, it took 2 minutes!) and even then Citroen would not necessarily commit to covering the repair. ….I’ve already sent a Facebook message outlining the problem but nowt in inbox yet. Citroen are not coming out of this very well so far ……. It is amazing that this problem has not generated a safety recall . It seems to be pot luck with their response. The car is 2011 plate C3 Picasso Connexion 1.6 diesel special edition and has not completed 33K miles yet. Dont know who to turn to…any ideas?

  • David

    Engine management lite come on loss of power for abut 10 seconds then come fine it happened again after 2 minutes then drove fine for a mile to home I have a Citroen piccaso desire 1.6diesle any suggestions to what this could be please

  • Ingrida Edwards

    I I have Citroen Picasso 1.6hdi Exclusive and my steering power just gone off while driving. Contacted the local Citroen dealer in Watford they said that they never heard about such issues with their cars lol – awful service

  • John Adams

    Ingrida Edwards……my facebook message along with a Twitter message worked 100%,(as per Donna Thomas-Pierce above) … I took the risk & test confirmed the fault… I alerted Citroen UK to this fact & they swept into action contacted the dealership & within 24 hours the car was fixed – they also washed & hoovered the car twice as I had to return the next day when they’d obtained the part. All done under guise of “goodwill gesture” Cost to Citroen was almost £600+ …not bad after owning the vehicle for almost six years – Also I suspect the vehicle having only done 33K miles was a factor.. The dealership to be fair had not been told by Citroen about any ongoing problem but it’d be a good story in the papers if a vehicle had been affected by this issue whilst at speed. My vehicle did in fact correct itself (enabling me to drive the vehicle to the dealership 11 miles away) & I’ve read online that people are experiencing this and saying that the fault re-sets itself but I wouldn’t trust this to be the case. The test identified this fault as “intermittent”

  • Anita Rose

    My son had an accident in his car, a Citroen Cactus, 2 months after he passed his test. The car locked in third gear and overrode the brakes, causing him to crash head on into a car, on a single track road.
    I gave an independent engineers report stated that the part that connects the gear lever to the clutch had sheared in half and that was what had caused it.
    Fortunately my son was not injured, but his car was badly damaged and his confidence shot to pieces.
    Citroen repaired the clutch part , under warranty,after the insurers had repaired the bodywork . Didn’t even clean the car!
    It is a car less than 2 years old, not got to the second service with 11,000 miles on the clock.
    My issue is that Citroen seem unconcerned about us ( no contact at all) and seem to be ignoring the issue that over drivers could have a faulty part from this batch as well.
    Any suggestions to get them to admit liability? And provide redress? Insurance company are trying to reclaim accident costs from them.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Sorry to hear of this incident – it must of been quite shocking for an inexperienced driver to deal with.

    Although no excuse for an allegedly faulty or weak component, this wouldn’t have affected the braking system which is independent by design, with a backup circuit – so performing an emergency stop or simply keeping his foot on hard down on the brake would of stalled the car and brought it to a stop – and safely with the ABS / ESP system kicking in. This is probably why they are covering the repair under warranty, as they would do normally for a car with this mileage / age, but won’t admit any liability as the issue is unrelated to not being able to stop the car.

  • Anita Rose

    The independent automotive engineer has stated that this is the cause of the accident
    He repeatedly put his foot on the brake and could not stop
    The clutch had gone completely flat
    The car did not stall
    There was a very limited time to stop and it was a one Track road
    Also Citroen
    They have not been in touch at all and their attitude is disgraceful.

  • Janine

    In 2015 the brakes on my less than 2 weeks old Citroen Cactus FAILED on me causing me to swerve and have a head on collision with another car. Thankfully no one was severely injured although I spent 5 days in hospital with a minor perforated bowel. Citroen did not listen to me and only with Trading Standards support, did they then carry out an assessment of my car. No problems were found after carrying out diagnostics on the car (no mechanical assessments presumably because of the condition of the wreckage). However, there was another lady who also had her brakes fail on her brand new Cactus the year before (three times) and they never found the cause either! Citroen have literally done nothing and the engineer who assessed my car was rude, short and very unhelpful. Disgraceful service. Every few months I do a search online to see if anyone else has had any brake failure issues and now I see this. I have had to pay the full price of having an accident.

  • Janine

    This sounds so similar to my accident.

  • Anita Rose

    I have an independent automotive engineers report that says it is the fault of this part , that caused my accident. I have statement from the RAC recovery that says this part caused it. Citroen repaired it under warranty and the manager at the Citroen garage stated to me that their report shows this part was faulty . I also have very clear photos of the part in two halves. Not sure how they can wriggle out… the insurance company if not going for full recovery… which is something.
    My son was very very lucky. If he had been driving another 5 mins he would have been joining a major road going downhill and could have been killed. It is for this reason that I will pursue this all the way. They need to be held to account. There has been no contact from Citroen at all.

  • Jay

    My Citroen has water leaking out the bottom when the Ac is on

  • Jay

    It’s a Citroen cactus

  • GiveMeABreak

    This is normal when the A/C is on. There is a small pipe that allows the water to drain away from the condensation created.

  • Don steel

    We have a Citroen c3 Picasso 2014 Exclusive when driving the car it runs away without throttling. I have taken it into Citroen and they have driven it but unfortunately doesn’t happen when they drive it. Does any one else have this problem.

  • GiveMeABreak

    It might sound a daft question, but are you sure the Cruise Control is not activated?

  • Tara Horn

    I have a Citroen DS3 and have just made a phone call and now my radio is frozen it won’t change channel or turn off I have taken the key out and locked it and stereo is still on. Has anyone else had this problem and can tell me how to fix this? Thanks

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