Common Bentley Continental GT problems and solutions

When the Bentley Continental GT was first released back in 2003 we were taken back at its design, because it was a huge departure from what we have seen before. However, it did show that Volkswagen AG-management had some input, and so helped to show of how to mass produce vehicles.


However, this comes at a price, and the number of common Bentley Continental GT problems seems to prove this. Some of the main issues that we see most are with the suspension, battery, gearbox and believe it or not, corrosion with the alloys, which does seem very strange to us.

If for some reason you do have a problem with your Continental GT, which includes the First generation, Supersports, Supersports Convertible, Flying Spur, Diamond Series, GTC, GTZ, Series 51, as well as the Second generation, then please feel free to share those with the community in the comments section below. Hopefully, the community will then be able to find solutions for your faults.

  • Wayne

    Is it right for the suspension bushes to be shot on my Bentley Continental GT with 45k on the clock? You would assume a car of this caliber would be able to go on for much longer without parts like this wearing, as I have had far cheaper cars in the past that have been able to handle more miles before such things have gone on me.