Common Ford Focus Mk4 problems and solutions

No matter what car you get yourself, you are always going to have problemsunless you spend several hundred thousand pounds or something silly figure like that. The more popular the model, the more issues there usually are, and so it’s no surprise that common Ford Focus Mk4 problems just keep piling up.

Focus Mk4 problems and solutions

This might be one of the most popular cars in the UK, but it is also one of those with one of the most problems, big or small.

We know that some issues that people have with their Mk 4 Focus is stupid and small, but when you know very little about cars, then you can fully understand their frustration.

It’s for this very reason why we wanted to create this page, as a means for frustrated owners to vent their anger, and share their problems, such as loss of power when driving, speedometer no longer works, central locking keeps playing up, along with the heater blowing out just cold air to name but a few.

We would very much like for you to add your issues below so that our community will be able to offer you some help.

  • Josh

    I really do hope that someone will be able to help me with my problem, as my Mk 4 Focus steering keeps getting heavy. It does not happen all the time, but when it does it makes it very difficulty to drive, and takes me back to when I first started driving back in the early 80s.