Fiat problems

Fiat is no longer the company it once was, as it is now known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA and is the seventh largest automaker in the world. The company, or group as it is more know was established in 2004 by the coming together of two great companies.

FIAT problems

There are several brands under its wing, which includes Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Ram Trucks, Maserati and the best of them all, Ferrari, amongst others.

However, it is the Fiat brand that we are more interested and is more well known in certain parts of Europe, including the UK. Some of the current models include the Panda, Punto, the Panda Cross and 4×4, as well as the new Doblo, and not forgetting one of the coolest vehicles on the road today, the Fiat 500.

Speaking of that Fiat 500, this model had to be recalled earlier this year due to an issue with its steering, and we know that this is not the only issue with that owners of other models from the brand have been suffering. If you do have a problem, then please do share it with us below.

FIAT UK issues up to October 2017

You will find FIAT car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with FIAT? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Jane

    The brakes on my 2008 Fiat Punto have recently been changed, yet they have started to squeal for some reason. It can get rather annoying, is it an easy fix or should I take it back to the garage?

  • Angela

    My 2013 Fiat 500 has developed a strange noise while turning, I have read that this could be a steering column issue, am I correct?

  • Ricky

    The change oil warning alarm keeps going off, yet my Fiat Doblo is only 3 years old, surely this has to be an issue with the sensor?

  • Doug

    For some strange reason my 2014 Fiat 500L overheats when standing in traffic, and it is not the engine like you would think, but rather the clutch. What on earth is going on here?

  • Tara

    The drivers door on my 2005 Fiat Punto keeps clicking every time I open and close it, could this be a loose check strap?

  • Lewis

    The fuel gauge on my 2008 Fiat Doblo has been stuck for a while now. Is there and easy fix, such as replacing a sensor, or will it be a case of replacing the float inside the tank?

  • Mandy

    There is a strange grating noise every time I go to start my Fiat 500. Do you think it could be the starter motor?

  • David

    The engine management light keeps showing up on my 2004 Punto. I have changed the plugs and leads, yet the light keeps coming on. What else could it be, nothing serious I hope?

  • Malc

    What one earth would keep making the alternator belt come off on my 2001 Fiat Multipla?I have made certain that a new tensioner has been fitted, yet the thing is still lose and rattles like anything.

  • Paula

    No matter how many times I try to remove the glow plug from my 2008 Fiat Punto, the thing just keeps turning and refuses to come out. Is there any special tool that is required in order to do this>

  • Lauren

    My 2009 Fiat 500 has developed a horrible grating noise each time I turn the ignition key. The noise gets gradually louder, and the engine will not start. This does not happen all the time, as often the car will start just fine with no noise at all. Just for your information, the battery has been replaced with a more powerful one, and also the earth points have been cleaned. So, how come this issue keeps happening?

  • Dennis

    No matter how many times I look, I just cannot find the water pump for the cooling system on my 2005 Fiat Croma. I really need to fix this issue quick, as I am now without a car, and I refuse to pay the prices my local garages have quoted – please help me locate where to fins it please.

  • Megan

    My Fiat Panda misfires, but not all the time. It mainly happens when the engine gets warm and then the engine management warning light comes on. I have replaced the plugs, but to no effect. I am now considering another plan of attack, such as changing the coil, unless someone has another idea?

  • Daisy

    I cannot understand why my 2004 Fiat Ulysses will no longer start? She tried to turn over for what felt like less than a second, but I am not getting anything now. The car will no longer turn, and there are no noises, she is complete dead. I have checked the usual, battery, alternator etc, and all seems fine. However, I have noticed a sign on the dash saying Economy Mode Activated, so what does this mean?

  • Tara

    I cannot get into first gear at all in my Fiat sceicento, and so have to pull away in second while bringing the revs up more and slipping the clutch. Does this mean the gearbox will need to be rebuilt, or is there a cheap fix?

  • Darren

    I have cleaned the spark plugs, checked the leads, also cleaned the filters, yet the engine management light still stays on – any ideas would be very welcome.

  • Lorriane

    Why is it that the drivers door on my 2005 Fiat Punto keeps clicking each time I open and close it? I have made certain that the hinges are clean and lubricated, yet this still happens – I do hope I will not have to replace the door hinges.

  • Doug

    The heater fan on my Fiat Ulysse will start for a few seconds, and then stop, therefore am unable to get any heat into the car. This means that it cannot be a fuse if it comes on for a few seconds at a time – so what could be causing this?

  • cem

    my 2015 model 500x has brake problem since day one(5 month old now) it was squeaky and now makes grind and suspension noise but fiat dealer or fiat uk didn’t do anything for it even try to contact with them many times still no luck.And heard this is MANUFACTURE FAULT still nothing.And i am not along with this problem but still no recall..

  • Brian

    My 2003 Fiat Doblo seems to over-rev while going up hills, and there is a lack of power. I really have no knowledge of cars, but someone did say could be clutch related. Is there a way to test this myself?

  • Andrea

    For a few weeks now my Fiat 500 has been having an issue with its brake fluid level warning light, as it keeps coming on. I had the brake fluid flushed just to make sure everything was fine, and so is now just below the maximum level. However the light still comes on, so am now wondering if it could be a faulty sensor?

  • Oscar

    My Fiat Punto has dead spots, and so replaced the glow plugs, air and fuel filter, yet the problem is still there.The revs will also go high, and then fall again, and the lack of power is getting rather annoying now.

  • Sarah Clarke

    Fiat Qubo red oil pressure light comes on when we start car but goes off never stays on . Dealer first said sensor too sensitive the we had to new oil pump then engine partially seized we had new recon engine then light still comes on had new engine control unit red light still comes on . All work except engine under warranty …. We haven’t had car for 7 weeks

  • Sarah Clarke

    Our Qubo has problems with red light we had to have recon engine as engine partially seized check it out at dealers

  • Martin

    There are times when driving my 2007 Fiat Panda that it will pop put of gear for no reason. No matter how much I try, it will not go back into gear. I had first assumed it was released to the clutch, and so had this changed, yet the problem still occurs – silly me I know. Now I cam not longer able to get the car into gear after first starting the car.

  • Peter

    My 2012 panda was recalled for upgrading for software Fiat ref 5958 occasional headlamp switching off. Since work carried out on 12th February 2016 radio stopped working and battery discharge overnight. Battery replaced 25th February 2016. Fiat dignostic 4th March 2016 said faulty battery shows162 amps. Battery supplier called out and their test shows 384 amps 2 hours later.Anyone had similar problem?

  • paul

    Hello, having the exact same problem. Have you found out the problem ? If not i am taking it to the garage next week and can let you know what they say. Please drop me and email

  • Roger

    I have problems with a noisy Fiat Punto Clutch, and was wondering if there had been any sort of recall? It’s a 2005 model. If not, then what could be causing this issue?

  • Sian

    Fiat 500L 13 plate warning brake fluid light on. Can I put brake fluid in myself

  • Kris matthew

    Hi I have a fiat punto grande 06 and the lights keep randomly coming on,

  • Neal Street

    My brand new fiat 500 s has been recalled for differential,oil seal replacement, BEFORE, it was even delivered!!! Must be a record?

  • Glynis Graham

    Picked up new Fiat Panda one week ago – just had a phone call that it needs washers added in the gear box? Anyone else know about this?

  • Simon

    Hi, just had my washers replaced on a Fiat 500 (2 months old). Now got an issue with brake fluid level warning light, sensor was replaced but still an issue. Not happy at all!

  • Josh

    Please help, the power steering light is on all the time on my FIAT Punto Mk2. I have been told this could be related to an EPS failure. If this is the case, will this be an easy fix, or am I looking at a huge bill?

  • Ken

    Hi just picked up a new fiat panda lounge 1.2 the other week noticed after a day or so that when you pull away In first or second gear the gearbox makes a grating sound. Have also noticed that it does this in reverse too. As the car has only covered a few hundred miles is this normal and it is just bedding in as it is new or do I need to take it back to the garage any help much appreciated. Thanks

  • Allan Garside

    My 500s was due to be delivered today. But factory recalled for the same problem

  • Neal S

    Sadly, the car continued to let me down, so I let it go. Brakes failed, apparently wrong break pipe parts fitted at factory. Doesn’t fill you with confidence.

  • Ralf S.

    To be fair, it is 11 years old. Probably just an under-charged or failing battery. Easy to check and cheap to replace, if just charging it up doesn’t fix it.

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