Fix for Suzuki Celerio brake recall imminent

Suzuki had to put a stop on sales of its Celerio in the UK due to an issue with its brakes. However, a fix is said to be imminent, which means sales could resume once again. A recall notice was put on these new models just ad ay after they went on sale, although thanks to a fast response, not many of these had made it to customers.

Suzuki Celerio brake recall

All of the Suzuki Celerio models were recalled without hesitation from customers, along with those lent out to the media, and also dealers were told to put a block on sales. Suzuki Motor Corporation already has a new brake component, which will be ready in a few weeks time.

The company says they expect to get these vehicles back to customers as soon as they can, although they still have yet to issue a timescale. However, they understand how this has affected customers and wish to thank them for their understanding.

We can be thankful that when affected Suzuki Celerio models saw their brakes fail, it happened on closed roads, so at no time were any other drivers in danger. For more details visit Auto Express, or if you have any Suzuki problems you would like to share, then please do so here.