Ford Fiesta issue with sat nav

There has been a growing number of Ford Fiesta owners reporting issues with their sat nav, and it’s not specific to a certain year, or trim level. It’s for that very reason why we decided to create this page so that you will be able to share your Ford Fiesta issue with its sat-nav, in the hope that other readers within the community are able to find a solution for you.

Ford Fiesta issue with sat nav

So what are those issues we are talking about? Firstly, a number of owners have been complaining that there is an intermittent “no GPS” message that appears, and so renders the system useless.

There could be a number of reasons, and for those that are out of warranty, then you might wish to try a few of the solutions that people have found worked for them.

One such solution is to to see if the GPS aerial is connected properly, or failing that, the configuration of the nav unit might have an issue instead.

For more ideas please keep an eye on the comments section below. If you have any other issues with your Ford, then please do share them here.

  • Dougie

    It’s so annoying that this has happened, as Ford want my car for an entire day, which just does not work for me. They will offer me a courtesy car, but then they do not cover the insurance, and so have to go through the hassle with my insurance company.