Ford Focus Mk2 common problems

We thought it would be a good idea to add this page for our community to share their common problems on the Ford Focus Mk2, as we know that so many of you do have those recurring issues that you have been unable to resolve, and just feel that Ford would charge far too much to find a solution for you.

Ford Focus Mk2 common problems

If there is a Ford Focus Mk2 issue that you would like to share, then please add them in the comments section below, in the hope that someone will be able to offer you the answer.

Some of the most common Ford Focus Mk2 problems are with the Air-Con, Alternator, the Turbo, Lights, Starting to name but a few.

Your feedback is very welcome, and the more you share, the greater chance there is of saving owner’s of the Ford Focus Mk2 a great deal of money.

  • Nigel

    What’s the easiest way to tell if the Ford Focus Mk2 alternator is no longer working? My battery keeps going flat, but not sure if it is a fault with the battery instead.

  • Ryan

    Don’t know if any one still uses this site but I need help my mk2 focus starts and runs but if I get stuck in traffic and sit idling car cuts out and kills battery so I can’t start it again. ..I’m pretty sure it’s not the battery though