Ford Mondeo, Galaxy, S-Max & Edge recall for June 2016

Ford has had to issue a recall this month for four of their vehicles, and those are the Mondeo, Galaxy, S-Max and the Edge. The reason for the carmaker recalling these models is due to the headlamp switching off without any warning at all- which as you will know is a real danger when driving at night.

Ford Mondeo, Galaxy, S-Max & Edge recall for June 2016

In all there are 9681 units being recalled built from 06/10/2014 to 08/02/2016.

It’s only those vehicles fitted with the Adaptive LED Headlamps that are possibly faulty, and is an error due to its software. It does not take a genius to work out that if these lights were to fail at night, then there is a strong chance that you could crash, and so endangering other road users.

Ford said that they are to recall these affected vehicles so they can update the software to resolve the issue.

As for those affected Ford Mondeo, Galaxy, S-Max & Edge, the vehicle ID are as follows: WF0KXXWPCKEA28619 to WF0KXXWPCKGR68630 – 2FMTK4A30GBB01678 to FMTK4A31GBB06971 – WF0EXXWPCEFD30710 to WF0FXXWPCFFY80078 and WF0JXXWPCJEA28610 to WF0JXXWPCJGR68817. For any other Ford issues, please visit this dedicated problems page.