Ford problems

If you could name one company that is loved in the UK more than a British brand of carmaker, we bet you would say Ford. The company has made some wonderful cars over the years, and while they may not be too great by todays standards, not many of the new models will stir that kind of passion you got from an Escort, Zephyr, Anglia, Cortina and also the Granada and the daddy of them all, the Transit.

Ford problems

We know there were many more great models. But the list would be far too long. The name Ford of Britain was created back in 1960 as a subsidiary of Ford of Europe, although both owned by the Ford Motor Company Limited.

There are three main manufacturing sites in the UK, these are Dagenham, Halewood and Dunton. It was the former that was the biggest plant, but is now a shadow of its former self by just producing diesel engines for Ford vehicles.

When it comes to Ford recalls there have been a few of them, although most of them in North America. It has certainly been a while since a Ford model was recalled in the UK, but we know the list of problems owners have are endless, and so we ask that you share those issues with our readers in the comments section below.

Ford UK issues up to November 2017

You will find Ford car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Ford? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Alan

    There is a strange noise coming from the rear of my 2008 Ford Focus, and since the noise started my tires have now started to wear much quicker than before.

  • Tara

    My 2011 Ford Fiesta has started to jerk, shudder and shake, as well has hesitating when trying to speed up. I have heard that this is an issue that Ford is aware of, but has there been any sort of recall?

  • Patrick

    I currently have a 2002 Ford Mondeo, which has recently developed an issue where it will not start all the time. I often see the 3 indicators on the left side of the speedo flash and then go off if that helps?

  • Angela

    The headlights on my 2001 Ford Mondeo seem to come and go. What I mean is, they fade and then get a little brighter again.

  • Lesley

    While driving my 2004 Ford Ka and turing the steering wheel, there is a loud grating sound from the steering column. What on earth could be the cause?

  • Glen

    The engine light keeps coming on, on my 2005 Ford Focus, yet there is plenty of oil in the engine. I have since been told it could possibly be oil contamination, due to lack of services, is this correct?

  • Kevin

    Why on earth would my 1194 Ford Focus be idling roughly, or hunting as people used to call it? There are times when I come to a sudden stop that the car conks out. Could there be a cracked vacuum pipe somewhere or a faulty idle control valve?

  • Ricky

    There is a strange drumming noise from the front passenger side of my Ford Escort, and will get louder when going to the left. What on earth could it be?

  • Graham

    My 2003 Ford C-Max seems to lack power and now black smoke has stated to come out if its exhaust. The ECG valve has already been replaced, and so have the plugs, along with an oil and filter change. I know that diesel engines suffer from this a little, but surely not as bad as I am getting?

  • Cliff

    The central dash display on my Ford Mondeo has stopped working. This first happened wen the car was left for around a week, but after driving it for a while the dash started to work. However, it has now stopped working again, and refuses to come back on.

  • Steve

    I have replaced the expansion tank on my Ford Fusion, but now the engine seems to overheat all the time. The garage that did it claim they did nothing wrong, and cannot understand why this is happening – if anyone has any ideas please help?

  • Lesley

    I currently have a 2003 Ford Ka, and have loved it ever since getting the car. However, it has now developed an issue that has got me a little down, as it has started to overheat and so the fan kicks in after only ten minutes of driving.

    What worries me is that if this problem continues it will cause serious damage to the Ford Ka engine; so what is it that i can do in order to fix this issue?

  • Jeff

    I have been very happy with my Ford Maverick up until now, but I have become a little angry with the thing over the past few weeks. The vehicle drove like a dream, until I pressed the button for 4×4 while driving at a low speed in 1st gear. Since then the car now judders while driving at low speeds, although once I drive over 10 miles per hour, the car drives perfectly once again.

  • Nikki

    When I turn the steering wheel in my Ford Ka there is a strange granting noise that seems to be coming from the steering column. I know nothing about cars, so would like to ask if this is a major issue, or just something cheap to fix?

  • Morris

    I have fitted a new battery and alternator in my Ford galaxy, yet the thing still looses its charge after around 100 miles. I just cannot figure out what would be causing this – please help.

  • Casey

    A warning light for the power asset has appeared on the dash of my Focus C-Max, and so i turned the engine off. However, I then tried to restart, but nothing, although after an hour or so the engine started once again. The only problem now is the fact that the engine system warning has come on, and I have since found a lot of oil under the throttle body. Does anyone know why this has happened, and is it an easy or expensive fix?

  • Dion

    There’s a rather annoying tapping noise coming from my Ford Escort engine, which sounds even worse when the engine is cold. I have checked the oil, and that is fine, and so am at a complete loss as to what it could be.

  • Steve

    My 2003 StreetKa seems to be holding back when trying to accelerate. I do not know the first thing about cars, so wondered if it could either be electrical or to do with the exhaust?

  • Sarah

    My 2013 Ford C-Max is one of the worst cars I have ever had when it comes ti trying to clear mist. I have to keep using the air con all the time in order to keep the screen from misting up.

  • Linda

    I have a Ford Galaxy and all has been well, apart from a few days ago when the car stalls every now and then. This only happens when I have to bring the car to a stop, lets say at a set of traffic lights. It really is starting to get on my nerves now,

  • James

    I have a 2002 Ford Maverick and when the ignition is turned the instrument cluster will register that more than one gear has been selected. This means I could select reverse, yet 1st will show that it is selected as well. There are also times when it will not start either.

  • Mark

    Is anyone able to tell me how I can improve the radio reception for my Ford Focus? I have never had a car that was so bad at losing the stations.

  • Trevor

    The automatic gearbox in my Ford Fusion often gets stuck and so the gears do not change as they should do. It often gets stuck in 1st gear the most, and so can become very dangerous if pulling away from a junction or set of traffic. Do you think it is just a case of changing the oil, or is this much worse?

  • Linda

    I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta Titanium automatic and have just had to take it in for an emergency service due to transmission failure. It was a scary drive to the garage, as the brakes were spongy too. I’ll find out later what’s happening.

  • Jerry

    The orange ABS light is staying on all the time in my 2008 Ford Ka. Would a fault scanner be able to tell me what the issue is, and also, where would be the best place to get one of these?

  • Wayne

    My 2011 Ford Mondeo has a fuel problem. The car will start ok, and will also drive just fine, but then when I start to go up an incline it begins to jerk and generally feels as though it is missing a beat if you know what I mean? When I try to go faster or dip the clutch the jerking stops – do you have any ideas please?

  • Sandra

    The radiator fan on my 2001 Ford Focus no longer works, and has not done so since the engine overheated. I know the fuse is fine, and the temperature sensor has been checked and is fine, so what on earth can be causing this issue?

  • Teddy

    The dash on my Ford Mondeo has gone all weird on me because all the lights have come on when trying to set the cruise control. The speed then showed zero miles per hour and the average miles per gallon showed a very high amount.

  • Monica

    The clutch on my 2016 Ford Kuga has gone, its being repaired, however I cannot u understand why the clutch has gone after 4 months ????

  • Terry

    There’s an electrical problem with my 2009 Ford Fiesta Problem, as it seems to reset itself as though the battery has been removed – which it has not. This is not all the time, and have since learned that this only happened when I slam the door hard.

  • Josh

    I’ve not really had much trouble with my 2007 Ford Mondeo, but over the past few weeks the engine has felt a bit lumpy while driving. The feeling I get is as though its running on 2 or 3 cylinders.

  • James Reid

    could be the hydraulic tappets

  • Raymond atkinson

    Battery drain ford kuga 2011 model checked battery and alternator all fine but flat every now and then becoming a concern ford m53 seem puzzled

  • DR1970

    I own a 2012 Ford Focus, automatic transmission and have just had the TCM failure that seems to be around and certainly prominent in the US. Ford seems to be not extending the same coverage for the problem on the European cars as they are to the US cars. I appreciate the cars may be built differently, but at the end of the day its the same fault on the same part. Ford know this as they have already given an extension on the warranty for the TCM, however, in the UK the extension is only to 5 years, other countries the extension was initially to 7 years, more recently a 2nd extension to 10years!

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