Frenzied Toyota recall checker following new Takata airbag woes

The likes of Toyota, Honda, Nissan and several other carmakers had already suffered huge issues and a backlash for their customers because of the large Takata airbag recall that has now been going on for a while now. Two of those already had to issue another airbag recall, which will begin next month, although separate to the current Takata one.

Frenzied Toyota recall checker

However, a couple of days ago news broke that even more vehicles are to be recalled as part of the ongoing Takata recalls, with the biggest number being in the US. However, knowing that models will be affected in the UK, this has led to an increase in the number of people visiting the Toyota recall checker page to check their VIN.

We would advise you against doing that just yet, as the likes of Toyota, and a number of other carmakers are due to update us as to just what models, and years are affected by this latest round of recalls.

It goes without saying that this has become the largest car recall in history, and one has to wonder how Takata will ever be able to recover from this, especially as other carmakers have now started to source airbags from other manufactures.

if you have any issues with your Toyota, then please share those with us here.