Honda CB500F, CBR500R fuel issue warrants recall

We know we never really talk about motorcycle recalls, but thought it was about time we did, seeing as though they are still vehicles. A few days ago a recall was issued for the Honda CB500F and CBR500R bikes due to an issue with their fuel system.

Honda CB500F, CBR500R fuel issue warrants recall

There is a fear that these motorcycles could stall due to this issue on those models mentioned above manufactured from 17/12/2012 to 27/05/2015.

The reason behind the recall is because the fuel level arm holder on the fuel pump could swell in hot weather conditions. If this happens it could become weak and even become detached from its holder.

Honda are worried that if this were to happen, then it could give the wrong fuel reading, and even cause the bikes to stall. The fix is for those models with the vehicle ID MLHPC44B3D5000783 to MLHPC45B3F5202332 and MLHPC44B3D5000783 to MLHPC45B3F5202332 to have their fuel pump /float arm unit replaced.

We would advise you to contact your Honda Motorcycle dealer for more details. If you have any other Honda issues you would like to discuss, then you can do so here.