Honda Civic Stability Control recall for July, 2016

A few days ago the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency added yet another car recall to its database, and this time it is select 2016 Honda Civic models.

Honda Civic Stability Control recall

The manufacturer reference number for this latest recall is HUK6NV, although the main reference number is R/2016/165. In all, Honda is having to recall just 97 units, as it only involves those models made from April 12 to April 18, 2016. This means that the issue was spotted quickly, and was addressed before the issue got out of control.

So what’s the issue? It seems as though there is a problem with the Honda Civic Stability Control, as a filter in the Vehicle Stability Assist and Anti lock braking modulator could break and in doing so could foul the one-way check valves.

If this were to happen, then the valve will not operate in how it was intended, and then the system may not be able to control the vehicle, thus making it unsafe. There is a risk of the car sliding or the driver losing control, and so could increase the risk of an accident, or injury.

Honda has issued the recall in July where they ask affected owners to bring their Civic in so they can replace the VSA modulator.

There are three batches of VINs that you need to look out for, and these are SHHFK1**0FU008502 to SHHFK1**0FU008675, SHHFK2**0FU017562 to SHHFK2**0FU017562 and finally SHHFK3**0FU612264 to SHHFK3**0FU612550.

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