Honda Legend recall reminder for passenger side airbag

Honda had to issue a recall for their 2005 to 2007 Legend models earlier this month because of a possible passenger side airbag issue, and so just in case you were not aware, we felt the need to remind you of this.

Honda Legend recall reminder for passenger side airbag

The manufacturer reference number for this recall is UK6DA and affects this Honda Legend models built from 01/12/2005 to 31/12/2007. In all there are 581 units being recalled.

The problem is that the passenger side airbag may not deploy correctly because of excessive internal pressure from the inflator body. If this were to happen, the body could rupture possibly causing metal fragments to pass through the cushion material and in doing so could cause injury to people in the car.

Honda is to replace the airbag module on the front passenger side. Those affected models have the VIN from JHMKB16*07C200006 to JHMKB16*07c205670 and JHMBK16*08C200002 to JHMKB16*08C201108.

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