Honda problems

Honda is a much-loved car brand in the UK and for good reason, as their vehicles are well designed and offer a decent ride, although this does often come at a price, and that is build quality.

Honda problems

Over the past few years there have been several Honda recalls, some that made people rethink their decision to stay loyal to the brand. However, you have to look at the positives, and that is whenever a huge issue with a certain model provokes a recall lesson can be learned.

Take the whole airbag saga, now steps have been taken to ensure this does not happen again, which means relying less on the likes of Takata. Having said that, this was not the first time that Honda had an airbag issue, although this most recent one was more to do with the other company.

Some of you may not know, but Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer, and maker of the internal combustion engine, and so you would like to assume its engines are bulletproof.

Honda has produced some wonderful models over the years, with some of the latest being the Jazz, Civic, Accord, and the CR-V. While these are all good cars, they are not without their problems, and so we invite you to share those issue with us, which you can do so below.

Honda UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Honda car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Honda? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Sue

    The fog light on my 2011 Honda CR-Z suffers from condensation, which was not too much of an issue, but has since cracked after it iced up. Would this be an issue that Honda would be aware of and be prepared to replace it for free?

  • Joe

    For some strange reason the audio that comes through the 2013 Honda Accord audio system sounds buzzy and just plain horrible. I have heard this is a common issue, but is there an easy fix?

  • Steve

    Is it right that I should be replacing the brakes on my 2010 Honda Civic after replacing them just 2 years ago? I do not use the brakes hard, so this is very strange, as never had brakes wear so quickly before.

  • Louise

    The electric windows on my 2013 Honda Jazz are not working all the time, so I know it is not an issue with the fuse. However, for some reason Honda are not willing to fix the issue, even though the vehicle is still under warrenty.

  • Tracey

    Why do the revs go very low when I come to a stop in my 2002 Honda Accord, and as such causes the car to stall?

  • Raymond

    The engine light on my 2003 Honda Accord keeps staying on. I have taken it to a dealer, where they could not find anything wrong, and then reset the light, only for it to come on once again. Is the dealer missing something, as I am starting to worry now?

  • Abigail

    The heater blower has stopped working on my Honda Civic, do you think it could just be a fuse, and if so where are they on the car?

  • Michelle

    There is an annoying squeak when I put my food down the the clutch pedal of my 2007 Honda Civic. There are no other issues, but the noise can become a pain when I need to change gear a lot.

  • Adele

    There is a knocking noise when I start to slowdown in my Honda Jazz. This only happens when the brakes are applied, but it’s only been around 7,000 miles since the brakes were last changed.

  • Janice

    The clutch on my 2008 Honda Civic has developed an annoying squeaking sound when the pedal is depressed. There is no issue with changing gear at all, or loss of power – just this annoying squeak.

  • Jonathan

    I’m started to get very annoyed with the squeaky sound coming from the suspension of my 2007 Honda Civic. I’m wondering if there is anything that can be down to resolve this rather than having to pay out for new suspension, as that could work out pretty expensive?

  • Curtis

    The engine warning light on my 2000 Honda Accord is staying on, but the car still runs fine and no sign of any issue. Should I be worried about this and take it to Honda to find out what the issue is, or could it be down to a faulty sensor?

  • Jane

    My Honda FR-V 2.2 i-CTDi broke down on the M25, as smoke starting to come from the engine, and was even revving on its own. A diagnostic test had showed the dealer that the engine had been revved too high for five seconds while there was an issue with the engine, and so caused the issue. However, we do not agree with the dealer, as we are not that stupid, and the engine revved itself. Now we are playing a game of cat and mouse against Hinda, so does anyone have any advcieto help me?

  • Nigel

    My 2007 Honda Civic has developed an annoying squeak with its suspension, which is driving me crazy. I cannot stand noises at the best of times, so just imagine what it is like driving my car down the M1 each day for work? Does anyone know if this is released to the suspension or the shocks?

  • Dominic

    I have a 1999 Honda Accord, which has an issue with its immobiliser. I now want to see if I can either repair or replace the device, the only issue i have is locating the thing. Does anyone have an idea where Honda decided to out it?

  • Sharon

    While driving around in my Honda Civic the letter P in Yellow appeared on my dash, and I have no idea what this warning sign could be. Having said that, ever since then the gearbox does not seem as smooth as it once did.

  • Susan

    My 2002 Honda CR-V has started to make a strange knocking sound from the rear, which seems to get worse when I drive the vehicle slowly. What I do find strange is that the noise will go for a few weeks, and then out of the blue will come back with no warning.

  • Jennifer

    How come I can smell oil though the air vents in my 2000 Honda Accord? I have made certain that the air filter is new, yet the smell keeps coming though and giving me a headache.

  • Jane

    I cannot work out why the ABS light keeps coming on, as I have new discs and pads fitted to my Honda Jazz. The brakes seem fine, its just this annoying ABS warning light – very strange indeed.

  • Jason

    Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of squeaky suspension on a Honda Civic? It’s been driving me mad for months, and have now grown very tired of it.

  • Tel

    The engine on my Honda Accord runs very rough when cold, and takes a good 15 minutes before things start to run smooth. The engine light is always on as well.

  • Milly

    I am getting annoyed with the squeaky suspension on my Honda Civic, its driving me insane. Is there a way to stop this, or will I have to replace it?

  • Jackie

    The heater in my 2002 Honda Civic seems to take an age to warm up, and so is unable to defrost the windscreen when it is icy. I have changed the thermostat, but that never really helped. The strange things is, when the engine is run for around half hour, the top hose of the radiator is hot, while the bottom is cold – so could there be an airlock?

  • Eirwen Potter Trigg

    Is it oil or is it exhaust fumes, Honda accord 7th series ctdi have problems with the exhaust manifold cracking and the fumes being blown in to the cockpit. Honda are aware of this problem and will replace the manifold if the car has done less than 125000 miles or is under 7 years old. I think that they should change the manifolds regardless of age or mileage, this is a health and safety issue as its carbon monoxide being drawn in to the car.

  • Nigel

    I keep getting a song smell of oil through the air vent sin my Honda Accord. The first time this happened I pulled over, and then the engine just died on me. This has now happened to me on several occasions, but what could be the cause?

  • Susie Q

    Sue problem with locking the car , just keeps bleeping and run flat sign shows when car is warm , This is the new 2016 Honda Jazz any one else had this problem

  • Danny

    Not sure why I am having this problem, but every time I open or close my 2004 Honda Accord, the indicator lights do not flash at all. I know the indicator lights work, as they are fine while driving, which is very confusing.

  • Jake

    The immobiliser lights on my Honda Accord have stopped working on the remote, this is when it’s locked or unlocked.

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