Jaguar F-Pace recall starts over fire risk

Jaguar had informed us that they were to start a recall of their 2016 3.0L Diesel F-Pace SUV vehicles over a fire risk concern. Well, recalls started a couple of days ago now, and so thought we would offer a gentle reminder.

Jaguar F-Pace recall over fire risk

In all there are 142 units affected and the build dates affected are from 03/03/2016 to 15/06/2016.

What’s the cause of the fire risk? It would seem that the starter motor cable has been routed incorrectly, and so there is a concern that the cable sheathing along with the surrounding parts could melt in extreme circumstances. If this were to happen, then there is a high risk of a fire under the bonnet.

The carmaker will check the condition of the routing of the starter motor, and if needed will replace or reroute the cable as needed.

Models affected have the vehicle ID SADCA2BK4HA048700 to SADCA2AK4HA057897. For more details please contact Jaguar on 0345 303 2303 or