Jaguar problems

Jaguar Cars was founded back in 1922, but never took that name on until after World War II. They are now part of Jaguar Land Rover, which is currently owned by Tata Motors. Since the Indian company took over, Jaguar has made a great comeback with a range of decent cars, such as the awesome F-Type.

Jaguar problems

The company has gone through many changes over the years, as well as owners, such as British Leyland and Ford. Today, the cars are designed and built by Jaguar Land Rover and with them enjoying great success has even announced plans to extend its R&D site.

Some of the past model cars are the S-Type, E-Type, and the Mark IV, while some of the current models are the XE, F-Type, XF, XJ, and the R Models.

From what we have seen, most of the recent Jaguar recalls were for the US and China markets, and so it would seem that the UK has been very lucky. However, there are always problems with Jaguar models, ones that we are sure you will be eager to share below.

Jaguar UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Jaguar car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Jaguar? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Dennis

    Has anyone else had an issue with the brakes on their 2007 Jaguar S-Type wearing prematurely, as well as the brake rotor failing as well?

  • Jake

    Recently had a bad experience with my 2004 Jaguar XJ8, as it decided to lurch forward while trying to park. I put my foot on the brakes, but this had no effect, and so hit the car in front. Jaguar said there were no known issues of this, yet plenty of car forums say otherwise, what is the problem?

  • Jason

    I have not been driving my F-Type hard, yet the Pirelli P Zero 295/30 R20 rear tyres seem to have already worn out only after having the car for about 14 months, surely that is not right? I am not happy because a set of two has just cost me £740.

  • Nigel

    For some strange reason I now have long pedal travel on my brake pedal in my 2004 Jaguar X-Type, could this mean an issue with the brake fluid, or even worse, the servo?

  • George

    The interior light in my 1999 Jaguar XJ6 keeps turing out, could this be down to bad wiring?

  • Dez

    When I try to put my foot down in my 2006 Jaguar X-Type it starts to jerk and not respond in the way that it should.

  • Eric

    Whenever my X-Type is cold it will start first time, but this is not the case when the engine is hot, as it takes ages to start. When it does start it very very lumpy, which is strange, so what can it be?

  • Wayne

    The automatic gearbox in my 2001 Jaguar S-Type is not running as smooth as it once did. Now gear changes are lumpy and jerky, and every now and then the gearbox light comes on and will not go into gear. However, when I turn the engine off and restart the light goes out and the gearbox works again – although it still runs rough.

  • Jules

    I have noticed that the red leather on the driver’s seat of by F-Type is starting to sag and discolor, which I can only assume is cause by my jeans. However, you would not expect a car of such quietly to suffer from such an issue.

  • Karen

    I have no issue in opening the bonnet on my 2002 X-Type jag, but when it comes to closing it I have to fiddle with the cable so that is closes correctly.

  • Richie

    I cannot understand why the airbag stays activate don my Jaguar F-Type when a small child is placed in the front seat. The sensors are surely meant to decent of a small child is in the seat and then deactivate the airbag for safety reasons?

  • Benedict

    The reversing aid speaker has decided to stop working on my Jaguar X-Type Estate, and have decided to replace the device myself. However, I have come across one major hurdle, and that is finding the thing. Once I know where it is located I can get right on and get this issue resolved.

  • Oliver

    The main and side lights on my 2004 Jaguar S-Type only work when they decide to, as often switch then self off day or night. Even wench I have the setting on the stalk to off or auto, then often turn on at tomes when they are not meant to, or not at all. The other issue that could be related to this is how all the lights will come on my I indicate left.

  • Ronnie

    My Jaguar XK8 is not playing nice with me at all, as when i tried to set the alarm and lock the car the alarm kept going off. I did see that the passer side door was not locking, and so assume this was the issue. I am glad this happened because I would not have noticed the issue with the central locking otherwise. I have since looked around on the Internet to see why this is happening, but had no luck, so wondered if anyone on here had any idea?

  • Malcolm

    My 2008 Jaguar X-Type steering has become very vague and has started to wander while going over small humps in the road. It also pulls to the left and the wheels have started to wobble. I really do not feel safe driving the vehicle, and so I need to get it fixed. I was just wondering if I should take it to Jaguar, or whether someone like Kwok-Fit would be ok?

  • Evan

    I have an annoying rattle when I start my 2002 S-Type Jag when cold, which sounds very tinny for the first few minutes, just until the engine starts to heat up. Once warm the engine runs sweet as a nut, it’s just when it is cold for some reason – any ideas welcome.

  • Joanne

    The gearbox warning light on my 2008 X-Type has started to flash. I have checked as much as I can, and cannot seem to find what the issue is online, and so thought I would come here for an answer. Just so you know, the car still seems to be driving just fine.

  • Devon

    How come the side & main lights intermittently switch themselves on and off day or night on my Jaguar S-Type? The light setting is on off and not auto, yet this issue still happens. However, when I turn the indicator to signal left, all the main lights will then turn on, and go back off once it stops indicating.

  • Charlie

    I have a strange warning that comes up on the dash of my Jaguar S-Type, and this is DSC not available in yellow. I tried to reset it, but the warning still displays, and so am now wondering if I need to replace a part, and if so, what is it that needs to be changed?

  • Joss

    I cannot understand why the steering on my Jaguar X-Type is a bit vague. The steering also pulls to one side and and there is also a wobble from the steering. I have checked all types pressures, and the wheel alignment, and all seems fine, so what could it be?

  • Janice

    Please help, there seems to be a great deal of smoke coming from under the bonnet of my Jaguar S-Type. It only lasts for around 30 seconds and then goes, but this is not right and wonder if the issue could get far more serious?

  • Stephen Lloyd

    Took my 2015 Jaguar XF 2.2d in for its first service its done only 5919 miles the jaguar garage say’s there has been a recall to change the factory fitted Pirelli tyres which were hardly worn and then went ahead and changed them for new Goodyear Eagle tyres the reason for this they say is for better fuel economy, that to me is a bit hard to believe or are they correct in this statement can anybody tell me ?. Also in changing the tyres one of the tyre pressure sensors all of a sudden has gone faulty which worked O.K before so they have had to remove it but they have none in stock so now I have to wait for the Jaguar garage to call back when the part arrives, so another trip to the Jag garage.

  • john Darlington

    Just had my Tyres replaced by jaguar plus some brake parts all foc. I had been complaining about understeer at low speeds and when taking off at junction. If I turned right or left you could feel the tyres scrubbing.

  • William Muir

    Seems to be a problem that neither Jaguar or Pirelli are admitting to. I’ve been driving for over 50years and only had one puncture. Since I bought my XF three years ago I’ve had one puncture, one tyre needing replaced due to exposed cables and two blowouts all on Cinturatos. On speaking to the dealer Jaguar are now changing to Goodyear, I wonder why?

  • peter fennell

    had blowout on motorway{m5} replaced with same Pirelli .took in for health check I was told front driver side had bulge [blowout was rear driver side] got call telling me about tyre recall all four tyres replaced one had only done 20mls .told about fuel consumption ,seems very coincidential

  • Jim White

    Just had car serviced. Dealer phoned during service and advised about tyre recall and changed my original Pirelli tyres for Goodyears FOC. Car just over two years old and 26k on tyres. Coincidentally before taking car in for service I had local tyre dealer checking one tyre that I thought was getting close to needing replaced and he advised it had approx 1,000 miles left. He did however look at all tyres and pointed that there were some fine cracks in the tyre walls – whether or not this is the issue I don’t know. Jaguar dealer advised that the recall was down to fuel consumption and road/tyre noise.

  • Jack Stansfield

    Bought my 13 reg. XF 2.2D Sportbrake second hand in February 2016 with 28,000 miles on. Brake pads low light came on at 35,000 so booked it in to have new pads at rear. Was surprised to be told that there was a recall on the tyres and they would be fitting new Goodyear Eagles to replace the Pirellis. Reason given was “economy issues”. All I had noticed with the Pirellis was a lot of road noise. I guess this could equate to higher rolling resistance. Anyway noise is now much better and I have 4 brand new tyres for free. As I keep a record of every gallon used and miles driven, I will see if there is any improvement. Not expecting much. I am getting about 36/37mpg overall and I am not heavy footed. Still, it is a heavy car for a relatively small engine to haul around.

  • Ray

    Rear Drivers Side Creaking on my Jaguar F-Pace. The isolators were recently replaced, yet there it still a horrible creaking noise coming from the rear seat/wheel well driver side area. You can only notice it at low speed, and so becomes such a pain when driving around town or stuck in traffic on the motorway. Has anyone else had such an issue?

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