Lexus problems

While Lexus is seen more as its own entity in its own right, we pretty much know that it is the luxury brand of Toyota. The carmaker was first introduced to the U.S. market in 1989 and is now the largest Japanese premium carmaker in the world.

Lexus problems

Lexus started out back in 1983, and it wasn’t until 1989 that they launched the LS, and since then has gone from strength to strength. What we do find strange is how Lexus was not known as a brand in the Japanese market until 2005.

Every model from the brand stands out when compared to Toyota models; this is because they are targeted for those people looking for just a little more luxury.

There have been some great models over the years, such as the LS 400. However, there is no denying that the latest models are the best they have ever been, which includes the IS and HS models, as well as the ES, GS, RX, GX, LX and many more.

While Lexus cars seem pretty reliable on the whole that is not to say they are not without their problems. It was only back in October 2014 that 10,000 models had to be recalled in the UK due to faulty fuel pipes.

If you currently have a Lexus and have a problem, then please share with our readers below, as some of them might have had the same issue and be able to help you resolve it.

Lexus UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Lexus car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Lexus? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Nathan

    Four check engine error codes have appeared on my 1998 Lexus, those are P0125, p0430, p1130 and p1133, what one earth do they mean?

  • Ian

    I recently purchased a 2006 GS300, and not long after its alternator gave up on me. However, I am now having an issue finding one. The main dealer says they can source one at a price of £600. Surely there are cheaper places?

  • Jerry

    The window trim on my 2005 Lexus RX 330 has started to fall apart. Ok, so i know the car is ten years old, but something like that should last a whole lot longer.

  • Gregg

    I cannot understand why the rear end on my 2014 Lexus IS 250 bottoms out when there are four people in it. This should not happen, and should not cause discomfort for those sitting in the back

  • Len

    The central locking on my 2008 Lexus IS has stopped working, it will not even work when using the key instead of the fob. Could it be the a fuse, or something much worse?

  • James

    Why is it that me 206 Lexus IS vibrates when pulling away as the cloth is engaged. is this a serviceable part, or will the clutch need to be replaced?

  • Jane

    My Lexus RX seems to be emitting a lot more smoke that usual, and although it is white smoke, i’m still worried.

  • Mike

    The alarm system on my 2001 Lexus RX keeps playing up for me. All this only seemed to happen after having a tower fitted. I took the vehicle back to who fitted the tower, but they say it is not anything they did – surely it has to be?

  • Will

    Why does my Lexus IS judder under braking? I have changed discs and pads on all corners, yet the problem still persists.

  • Miles

    When I drive over bumps in my 2014 350 F Sport there is a clicking/ rattling sound coming from the front of the car, this happens every time I go over a bump.

  • Rick

    A few weeks ago I had a tow bar fitted and then deiced to tow my caravan. However, there is now an annoying beeping noise coming from the rear of my Lexus IS. That’s not all, as the alarm has now started to keep going off, even though it has its own battery back-up. This is starting to do my head in, so does anyone have any advice?

  • Den

    I know my Lexus RX330 has done around 60,000 miles, but I still did not expect a leak to appear on the radiator. The strange thing is, I knew this was an issue for the 2004 model, hence the recall, but assumed it was no such problem for the 2006 model.

  • Derek

    I’m a bit concerned about the inside rear view mirror in my Lexis IS250, as it has now become discolored and therefore very hard to see out of. Is there a replacement version i can get that will not do such a thing?

  • Malcolm

    For some reason my 2009 Lexus GS 450h keeps coughing and spluttering, which to me sounds as though it is being starved of fuel. I have also noticed that even when the car is running right, it seems to be using more fuel that it did.

  • Jerry

    I’m really glad that I choose the Lexus over a diesel Volkswagen a couple of years back, as I would be regretting that decision right now.

  • Craig

    Whatever yo do, don’t buy the Lexus ES 350 with Parchment Leather, as the seat bolster wear out after just a couple of years. However, the older RX 350 with this option is fine, which means that Lexus has started to cut corners and gone for a leader of a lower quality.

  • Miles

    Is it right that I should be using about a quarter of a litre of oil for every 1,500 miles or so in my Lexus GS 350? I do not think so, so maybe someone should tell Lexus the same, as they are trying to say it is not that bad.

  • Andy

    My 2009 Lexus IS is starting to use a lot of fuel over the course of a week, and I have noticed blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Could this be a sign that the rings have gone?

  • Karl

    I have tried so many times to get the Qi Wireless Charger to work in my Lexus NX with my Galaxy S6 Edge, but for some reason the built-in charger takes forever to charge the phone up, and the phone then starts to get too hot. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Tara

    My Lexus RX has something very bad with its engine, as engine sludge has started to appear on the oil filler cap, and there is also engine sludge leaking onto the road as well. I do not know the first thing about cars, so I really need some help with this one.

  • David

    After my Lexus LS 460 had a service it started to hesitate and lack power when accelerating from a stop. After taking it to Lexus for them to carry out a software update to the transmission, all was fine. However, a year later, and another service, the problem is back once again.

  • Alice

    It’s not so much a problem with one of their cars, but with the Lexus customer service. each time I have called them I feel that they lack competence, and never able to fulfill my needs as other car dealer brands have.

  • Damion

    I have a 2007 Lexus 350 and ever since I have had the car there has been a condensation build up in the front headlamp. For some silly reason I never went back to Lexus, but did manage to do so just after the warranty had run out. I had assumed that Lexus would be very kind and fix the issue, or even offer some sort of discount, but how silly I was. They now want to charge my almost £500 for a new headlight, so do you think I would be better going for a cheaper part?

  • Nigel

    Just a word of advice for all you Lexus LFA owners out there with a blown transmission. If you still have warranty left, then make sure you hold your ground with the dealer and tell them you want it replaced with a new transmission, along with the new, more durable torque converters.

  • Kate

    I vaguely remember hearing reports that there were major issues with the Lexus GPS navigation system, but cannot remember what the outcome was. I am now having these issues, and was wondering if there had been any sort of recall?

  • Henry

    My Lexus RX300 has started to burn through its oil faster than what it should do, which has also resulted on the engine warning light coming on more often as well.

News on Lexus Car Recalls for the United Kingdom

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