Mazda problems

Mazda’s global sales may not be that of the likes of Honda or Toyota, but they still sell more than one million vehicles each year, with many of them being built in plants all over the world. This is a far cry for when the company begun, which was back in 1920, although under a different name.

Mazda problems

It was not until 1984 when the name Mazda was used although they did release vehicles long before that, such as R360 in 1960. Things have not always gone the way Mazda would have hoped, and so had to call upon the help of Ford to inject some much needed money into the company.

Thankfully, the carmaker is now in a much better position and producing some great cars today in the UK, such as the Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda3, Mazda6, Mazda MX-5, CX-5 and the CX-3.

While there have been several Mazda recalls towards the end of last year, most of which were for faulty airbags, the good news is that most of these were for the U.S. and so never really affected owners in the UK.

That is not to say they are not without their issues, which we are sure you would like to share with the readers below.

Mazda UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Mazda car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Mazda? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Janice

    My Mazda is just 4 years old, yet the clutch has given up the ghost. How can a clutch fail at less than 70,000 miles, surely this has to be an issue that Mazda is aware of?

  • Sonny

    I seem to be waiting an age for the main dealer to get hold of a new windscreen for my Mazda6. They say the screens are on back order, but funny how when you call the likes of autoglass they say they can have one to you right away.

  • Gavin

    The air con on my 2012 Mazda Miata X5 has stopped working and have been told by the dealer that a stone must have took the unit out. This has now left me with a huge bill, but surely it is a poor design if a stone is able to bounce up and hit the air con unit?

  • Jenny

    My Mazda is just five years old, yet the clutch has already gone. This seems to be an issue with certain model years, yet Mazda still maintains it is a wear and tear issue.

  • Jason

    I currently have a 1999 Mazda 626 and it keeps overheating after only five minutes of running. Both fans were running, yet the temp gauge was still in the red. However, once parked up the car it never takes long for the car to cool down. However, the moment I begin to drive, the thing overheats once again.

  • Leroy

    My Mazda 232 has developed a misfire. although this only happens once the car has warmed up, what could it be?

  • Chris

    The starter motor on my 2007 Mazda RX-8 has now failed for the second time, is this a common problem or am I just unlucky?

  • Chris

    How come the brakes keeping going on my 1992 Mazda RX-7? I know what you are thinking, but I do not overdrive the vehicle and rely too much in its brakes. And even if I did, the brakes should be up to the task. The issue I have is that the pedal goes really hard, but is also an intermittent problem.

  • Taub

    When I go to fill up my 2003 Mazda MX-5, there is a rush of air when the filler cap is removed. I read somewhere that it could be an issue with the breather pipe, and if this is true, is it a simple job to do myself in order to save money?

  • Derek

    One day I got into my Mazda Premacy, started the engine and then trie to put it into gear, but for some strange reason it no longer shifts. No matter how many times I try, it just will not go.

  • Nikki

    My 2005 Mazda MX-5 makes a strange buzz or vibration when I take my foot off the accelerator, but this only happens when the engine is warm. The sound seems to be coming from over my right shoulder, and so wonder gin if it could be coming from the exhaust?

  • Lewis

    I recently overhauled the engine on my Mazda Premacy, and the timing was set to the correct position. I also made sure all spark plugs and leads were changed for new ones, yet the car just turns over and will not start. I am certain I checked everything, am I missing something?

  • Jenny

    I went to start my Mazda 232 the other day, and something strange happened, as it started even tough I did not fully turn the ignition key. However, there was a very strange and loud noise that came from the engine when the car started. Is this smelting that i should be worried about, and if so what is at fault?

  • Tom

    Ever since the last service my Mazda Premacy runs very strangely. Most of the time the car will stall when I try to slow down, and also when trying to put my foot down too fast. There are also times when it starts and stalls right away. The throttle body has been cleaned up, the air filter has been changed, as have the plugs, yet the problem just seems to be getting worse.

  • Stewart

    I have located a leak on my Mazda 323, which is coming from the drain plug seal on the gearbox. I now have a new washer to put on, but the question I have is, “where do I fill up the new gearbox oil?”

  • Desmond

    I know this is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have any idea where I will be able to get hold of a slider pin for the front caliper on my 2001 Mazda Premacy?

  • Iris

    Had to change the battery on my Mazda 323, and now the alarm and immobilizer will not arm itself. I think it is a lazerline, and if so, then what is the process for reprogramming it please?

  • Ruth

    When I drive my 2001 Mazda 121 there us a compete lack of power in 2nd and 3rd gear, and when I do try to put my foot down, all that happens is a big pile of smoke bellows out the back.

  • John

    Can anyone help, there seems to be a horrible grinding noise when driving my Mazda 5. It often slows the vehicle down, and so I assume it is brake related. I have taken it back to the dealer twice now, and each time they say they have fixed it. However, the problem keeps returning. I am not at the end of my tether with this.

  • Joss

    Third gear in my Mazda Premacy seems to be a bit of an issue, as it begins to over rev in that gear and starts to jerk and hold starts to flash on the dash.

  • Simon

    My Mazda Navajo has developed a missile, and after a few minutes running the check engine light comes up on the dash.

  • Damion

    I have a Mazda3 and it runs like a dream when at speed, but when I start to slow or come to a stop there is a terrible misfire. I have changed the plugs, leads and coil, yet the misfire is still there. I really do not know what to try next.

  • Chris

    I recently changed the battery on my Mazda 6 and now the electric windows are no longer wolfing how they should. Having said that I do have complete control of the driver’s window, which is very weird indeed.

  • Daisy

    Argggg, is there any end to these 2006 mazda 6 V6 transmission problems, as I get one issue sorted, and then another one crops up. When the gearbox is cold it shifts just fine, but then as it warms up that;s when there are shift problems, and so have to go into manual mode.

  • Jasmine

    I have a 2010 Mazda3, and for some reason the main fuse has blown out, and so the engine stalled. I was very lucky this did not happen while driving, but am confused as to why this happened.

  • Saidar

    2015-2017 Mazda2 in the UK may have condenser issues in the aircon system. Confirmed by Mazda in Durham 04/2017 on a 2015 model. CX-3 are also affected.

  • Brian

    I currently own a Mazda 2 which is sitting back in the garage waiting for a replacement air con condenser… As I write this there is no fix date for the issue as there are no replacement condensers anywhere…so the car is waiting to be fixed…no date for replacement????

  • Ian Sherer

    I also own a 2015 Mazda 2 waiting for air con condenser. It broke down last summer and was replaced. Not working again this summer and still awaiting replacement part (since April)

  • Samantha

    Same here. Corrosion on the condenser on 2015 mazda 2. Waiting since April for a replacement but no reply. Very frustrating.

  • Leila Iliffe

    Also have the same issue on my 2015 mazda. Stopped working at the end of May, told the parts would take a couple of weeks to come in. Heard nothing, chased them up and was told there was a shortage so wouldn’t be fixed until august. Got in touch with Mazda UK via facebook direct messenger to be told the part would arrive mid-july. Been phoned today to say ‘good news, can be booked in for start of September’. Absolutely horrified to be without air conditioning, particularly over summer. I’ve had to transport young children and my elderly grandmother. I’ve lost complete faith in Mazda, which is a shame since every one of my immediate family members (5 in total) has a mazda 2 because I was so pleased with mine.

  • Emma Green

    I have a 65 plate Mazda 2 (diesel) which had the fuel injector replaced, not the only one this has happened to as the garage admitted there were 3 other diesel models awaiting repair. At the same time it’s air con unit went and is awaiting replacement. Have had a hire car (Mazda Assist) for nearly 2 months as the original problem with the fuel injection was an on going issue for close to 8 months which they couldn’t or wouldn’t solve until the car was too unsafe to drive. I’ve forgotten what my car looks like! On the plus side I had a hire car upgrade and have travelled more than 1800 miles in it including a long trip to Scotland, at Mazda’s expense.

  • Adam Ward

    Hi Emma I’ve got a 16 plate mazda 2 Diesel, I’ve had the injector replaced, the aircon condensor replaced and finally after 3 onths with an engine check light on the DPF replaced. The car gets through brake pads every 8.5k miles is this also the case with yours? I’ve now also got a intermittent misfire where the car will lurch and judder down the road sometimes the only way to stop it is pull in switch off and then drive on again. has anyone had this problem. Car has just spent 3 weeks at the garage but they couldn’t find the fault.

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