McLaren problems

Most people will know McLaren as a Formula One team that has enjoyed great success over the years, and so it was nice to see them bringing that success to our roads with various production cars. However, like Ferrari and Porsche, these are not your every day cars, and so demand so much more money – although they are a work of art and precise engineering.

McLaren problems

McLaren Automotive has made a few road cars over the years, but none went into huge production, and were more limited, which meant they carried a huge price tag. However, the company has now gone into a new direction and produce the likes of the MP4-12C, P1, 650S, and the all-new 570S, which now forms part of its new Sports Series.

Seeing as though these vehicles are so well made, it is not very often they have to be recalled. However, we did feel as though you might wish to go to a place to share if you have a problem that could be resolved easily with the help of others rather than go through the process of contacting McLaren, which you can do some in the comments area below.

McLaren UK issues up to October 2017

You will find McLaren car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with McLaren? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Jude

    Has anyone else had an issue with the windscreen on their MP4-12C cracking on the corners? While McLaren is taking care of the issue, what worries me is that this is now the second time this has happened.

  • Mick

    The IRIS on my 650S has now rebooted on me a couple of times, and while the issue has been resolved I was interested to know if this was a common fault, and if it could come back at any time?

  • Sal

    I’m not too certain if I should risk going to a supermakert for my fuel, as surely a vehicle like the MP4-12C would much prefer a more premium brand full from the likes of Shell?

  • Giles

    A Service Traction Control warning has appeared on my McLaren P1. It’s already been back in the shop several times for the issue to be resolved. The main issue here is that this is an intermittent problem, and so will not often show up. Has this been a problem that other P1 owners have come across?

  • James

    I recently bought myself a second-hand McLaren MP4-12C and I fear it has not been looked after in the way you would think such a car would. For starters the car wants to keep lurching forward while in traffic, and also the doors will not open all the time. However, the most annoying is the fact that the navigation system and sat-nav does not work.

    Do you think this is still something McLaren would be prepared to fix free of charge?

  • Jerome

    Has anyone else noticed an issue with the iris losing satellite radio, as it has a bad FM reception in their Mclaren 650S Spider? If do, do you think a software update will be able to resolve the issue?

  • Oliver

    My McLaren 12c has developed an annoying rattle in the dash, which the dealer then placed foam there, but this has not stopped the rattle. I will have to now take it back, but is this a common problem with this model?

  • Martin

    Is it just me or does the McLaren P1 seem hard to get around the corners while wet. I have tired the various traction control settings, yet am still unable to find that perfect balance.

  • Ralph

    I know that this is not an issue, but upset that McLaren have now deiced to stop making the P1. We now have to wonder what they will come up with next over the next few years. It will need to be something special in order to match up to the P1.

  • Bob

    The battery keeps draining too fast on my McLaren MP4-12C. Does anyone know if this is a common issue, as feel i do not want to take it back to McLaren if it is something very silly?

  • Daryl

    I know that McLaren are really good when it comes to after care, but thought I would just pop on to this community to find out if anyone else is having issues excessive tyre wear and so chose a different brand to the one recommended?

News on McLaren Car Recalls for the United Kingdom

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