Mercedes-Benz problems

The very first Mercedes vehicle was seen back in 1901, but it was not until 1926 that the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle was produced. It was throughout the 1930s that several hundred 770 model vehicles were produced, which as we know proved very popular during the Germany Nazi period.

Mercedes-Benz problems

Putting that terrible part aside, Mercedes-Benz has come out very different after that period and is now known as the maker of luxury vehicles, and so is one of the most recognized and established car brands in the world today.

The current Mercedes-Benz vehicle lineup is a diverse one, as they cater for varied tastes and needs. You have the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, GLA, GLE, GLK, M-Class and many more.

Even though these cars are well built and better than the likes of Ford, FIAT etc, they are still not without their problems, and so we invite you to share those issues with the readers below.

Mercedes-Benz UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Mercedes-Benz car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Mercedes-Benz? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Graham

    Can someone please help, my 2007 Mercedes E350 gets stuck in 2nd and 3rd gear. I’m just worried to take it to the main dealer, especially if it could just be something silly.

  • Michael

    The convertible top on my 2005 CLK230 has become separated from the cable around back window. I have had a silly quote from Mercedes on the price to replace it, would I get just as good of a job going to a third-party?

  • Gav

    Has anyone else noticed oil leaking for the rear diff of their 2005 Mercedes E320? I know the car is now 10 years old, but these German cars are meant to be built better than this.

  • Jerry

    The interior lights on my 2004 Mercedes C Class have stopped working. Before you ask, yes I have checked the position of the switch, and also the bulbs and fuse. What else could it be?

  • Jim

    My 1999 Mercedes CLK has an issue with its automatic gearbox, as I have to start it and let it run for about ten minutes before I can select drives and the other gears.

  • David

    The horn and all the light on my dash are staying on the 2001 Mercedes C-Class I have. I really do not know what could be causing such a thing.

  • Mel

    The Command system on my 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class has given up the ghost just a few days after getting it. I know the car was bought used, but you do not expect a car around a year old to have such an issue. Many of the functions are controlled by this system, and so it is a huge deal, and I fear the dealer will have it for more than a few days.

  • Peter

    When I turn the ignition on in my 2003 Mercedes S class the dash lights up, then the heater plugs light goes off. However, when I go to turn the engine on nothing happens. I do not know if this is related, but there are times when it does not show that the car is in neutral on the dash? However, if I move it out of park and through the selections and back to park, the car then starts – what could be the cause?

  • Terry

    I have a 2001 Mercedes Benz CLK and a couple of days ago the driver’s window deiced to stop working. The worst part is, this happened while the window was down, and packed up when doing the window up. This is now stuck halfway, with no way of getting it back up. I have checked the fuse, which is just fine, and so now fear the motor has gone. Is there a way I can get the window up again, as I can no longer use the vehicle until I have been able to do so.

    Also, if it is the motor, how much of a hard job would it be to do myself – although taking all the door panel off does seem to be a daunting task?

  • Ray

    Come on Mercedes, I would not expect this from you, even if the car is now 10 years old. I have a 2005 Mercedes E-Class and I can no longer open the boot from my key fob. I can still open and close the door s just fine, it;s just the boot I am having issues with. The strange thing is, around the same time this stopped working so did the boot light, so could the two of these be connected in some way?

  • Mack

    Why is it that when I close my window on my 2001 Mercedes CLK it will log all the way up and then come back down a little and stop? I have reprogrammed the windows, but it still does it from time to time.

  • Peter

    My 2007 Mercedes C220 CDi has developed an issue where the temperature warning icon has come up on the dash, and I can see that the needle is now at the three quarters level. I have checked the water level, and that is fine, and the heater works just fine which surely says there is no issue with the thermostat. I don’t think i have heard the electric fan come on, but am unable to locate the fuse for it, please help.

  • Rob

    The BAS/ESP light keeps coming on, and when this does my Mercedes E-Ckass loses acceleration. However, when I turn the engine off and on again the warnings go out and the car runs fine again

  • Alan

    The alarm on my Mercedes R Class keeps going on and I have no idea why. I thought at first it could be cause the battery might be passed it, and so bought anew, heavy-duty one, yet the alarm keeps going off? Any ideas will be very welcome indeed.

  • Dara

    I cannot remove the surpentine tensioner on my 2002 Mercedes C-Class. The belt is off, it just the tensioner will not undo.

  • Katlyn

    When I first start my 2003 Mercedes A-Class Automatic all is fine for the first few miles. However, the gearbox then goes into neutral on its own accord and will not shift into gear. However, if I turn the engine for for around 10 minutes, I am then able to drive the car again, but only for another few miles.

  • Carol

    The window wipers will only work when my lights are on full beam, and so makes it hard to drive in the rain, as the lights might dazzle oncoming drivers. What could be the cause of the issue?

  • Terry

    The CD player in my 2004 Mercedes C Class keeps flashing on and off. There are times when it will work, but then stops shortly after. Am I looking at an expensive bill?

  • Jake

    My Mercedes started to turn over really slow, and so assumed it was battery released and went and both a new one. However, the problem is still there, and there are occasions when the car will not turn over at all. Does anyone know what the cause could be?

  • Harry

    I cannot understand why the heater on my Mercedes CLK turned on my itself, and at the highest speed setting. There is no way I can turn it down, no matter if I remove the key from the ignition. I order to stop this from happening I have to remove the fuse, as it will flatten the battery otherwise.

  • Sarah

    I’m getting very annoyed with the starting issues with my 2002 Mercedes Vito diesel. I have changed the battery, had the alternator checked, had the fuel lines cleaned, also fuel and air filter are clean as well. I really do not know what to try next.

  • Laura

    My Mercedes C220 Estate boot door indicator shows that it is not locked, when I clearly know it is. I have made certain every door is closed and sealed correctly, and so why should I be getting this error?

  • Jason

    Has any Merc owner heard any news about the looming recall due to a risk of fire on their A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class, GLA-Class, C-Class, E-Class and GLC-Class models yet?

  • Mick

    I have run a diagnostic on my 2002 Mercedes Benz E Class and found that the P024613 Output for the low pressure turbocharger has a short Circuit to positive, which means there is an open circuit. The problem is, I have no clue what this means, and how to resolve it.

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