Mercedes recalls C-Class and Vito over possible fuel leak

Mercedes-Benz has had to issue a recall for two of its models, and they are the C-Class and Vito. In all there are 3592 of the former and 1869 of the latter being recalled and were built between 01/12/2013 – 30/04/2016 and 01/07/2014 31/03/2016 respectively.


Both models have the same issue, and that is a high pressure fuel line that is connected to the fuel pump could work its way loose. If this were to happen, then it would allow diesel to leak, and so is a huge safety concern for affected owners.

The remedy is for Mercedes to recall those affected vehicles and to replace their full lines.

If you have a C-Class with the Vehicle ID WDD2050372F014182 to WDD2050372F351547, and WDD2050362F153247 to WDD2050362F153247, then your vehicle is at risk.

As for the Vito, if you VIN ranges from WDF44760523049565 to WDF44760523149261, WDF44760313032976 to WDF44760323149949, WDF44760123048757 to WDF44760123143988, WDF44770313022682 to WDF44770323146267, WDF4470123051541 to WDf44770123145597, and
WDF447705230523349 to WDF44770523151761, then you had best contact your local dealer if they have not done so already.