Mini problems

The mini is said to be the second most influential car behind the Model T Ford, and we can understand just why that is. This small, economy car started life back in 1959 and is regarded as a British icon, although many people believe that it lost that certain something when BMW took over.

MINI problems

Having said that, something had to be done and there is no denying that BMW has allowed the Mini to live on. It might be backed with German money, but there is a beating heart of a British lion running through its very soul.

If we had to compare the Mini to anything it would have to be the VW Beetle and the Fiat 500, as those two are iconic cars from Germany and Italy, and still are today.

The Mini range has expanded a lot more today to cater for various tastes and needs. They include the 3 and 5-door hatch, Countryman, Paceman, Convertible, Roadster, Coupe, John Cooper Works, and Special Editions.

It’s good to know that Mini has not had to issue a recall in the UK since August 2013, which we have to say is pretty impressive compared to some of its rivals. Having said that, these cars are not without their faults, and so you could share your frustrations by sharing your problems with us below.

Mini UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Mini car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Mini? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Clair

    Why does the cooling fan on my 2012 Mini Copper stay running when the engine is turned off, as it keeps running the battery flat?

  • Katy

    While driving our 2013 Mini Cooper Countryman at speed the sunroof decided to shatter, causing a very loud explosion. Do not understand why such a thing would happen, as nothing hit the glass to cause it to shatter into thousands of pieces.

  • Claire

    I currently have a 2012 Mini Countryman and for some reason the passenger and driver’s door would not unlock. I was trapped inside, and had to use the window to get out. However, after a couple of days the doors started to work again. What could have caused this?

  • Terry

    The Air-con on my 2004 Mini One is not working correctly. It has been recharged, yet about 30 seconds after being turned on it quickly blows out hot air.

  • Donna

    The passengers keeps sticking and has done so for over a month now on my Cooper S, I have a fear that it is a problem with the motor. Is tan easy fix to do myself, and of so, is it still expensive to buy the part?

  • Milly

    Why is it that only the drivers side door is unlocking on my 2002 Mini One? Surely it cannot be a fuse issue because the run on the same circuit?

  • Tish

    I have a question about my 2004 Mini One, and that is what is the right anti-freeze to use? A few people have said the blue one, but for some reason I do not think this is correct.

  • Marion

    For some strange reason the door will not open on my 2003 Mini Cooper when it is cold outside. When the weather is warm there is no such issue, which I find very strange indeed. what on earth can be the cause?

  • Jay

    Can anyone give me some advice please. I need to replace the nearside front suspension arm on my Mini Cooper S. Is this a very simply job, or should I just bite the bullet and pay someone to do it for me?

  • Isabella

    The oil light on my 2002 Mini One comes on when I first start the car, and will stay one until I rev the car. However, the oil light will come back on once I start revving and it goes back to idle.

  • Jason

    I’m starting to get very angry with my Mini One, as she drives fine when at normal speeds, but when I try to overtake someone there is a clear lack of power. The feeling I get is flat, as though it has nothing to give. I now have an engine management light that flashes every now and then, so am wondering if this is the start of something serious, or could it be something silly?

  • Charlie

    If a passenger does not sit in the seat of my 2006 Mini Copper correctly then their airbag warning light will come on. With this being the case, it means the airbag is deactivated. I have since had this issue repaired, yet cost me around £1,000 in the process – but surely this should come down to some sort of manufacturing issue?

  • Marion

    I recently had the head gasket replaced on my Mini and ever since the work has been done and I put the heater on, there is steam being drawn into the car – any ideas?

  • Kirsty

    With winter fast approaching I need to fix the heater on my Mini One. The air that comes into the car goes from hot to cold, and then back to hot again. There is nothing wrong from the heat from the engine, as the temp stays the same. I have already had the thermostat changed, as well as a new water pump, but the problem still persists.

  • Clara

    Most of the time my Mini seems to drive fine, although when it comes to overtaking, there is a distinct lack of power, and feels as though the vehicle is being pulled back. I have noticed that the management light is intermittent, but what could be the cause?

  • Katie

    I am at a loss as to why the door on my Mini will not open when the weather is cold. I do not have the first idea to even try to get the door panel off to see if I can find the route of the problem.

  • Josh

    How come when I bring my Mini to a complete stop there is a burning smell, which seems to be coming from the front wheels? I cannot be certain if it is from the brakes, although they still seem to be working fine.

  • Lewis

    The oil light on my Mini comes on for a while when I start my engine, although it does go out once I rev it a little. However, it then comes back on when the engine is idling once again.

  • Luke Carey

    This is because the Windows have to drop for the door to open because it has no frame just glass, therefore when it’s cold (freezing) the Windows freeze in position therefore not opening the door

  • Luke Carey

    Is anyone aware of a recall for wind noise from the sunroof on a 2007 cooper?

  • Randy

    There is a very loud noise coming from one of my front wheels, but only every time I turn the steering wheel? It has not got any louder, but it can become rather annoying – so what could it be?

  • Jason

    Hi I bought my 2015 65 reg Mini Cooper D 5door in October last year after about 3weeks I started hearing a clicking noise whilst steering the mini dealership said it was a sensor in the steering column which they replaced I didn’t have the car back two hours and it started again so it then went back to the dealership for a further two weeks whilst they waited on a special grease coming from abroad the car has ran fine for a few months then on Monday of this week the noise has returned I have spoke to mini uk about declining the car and having my finance canceled so I can go and buy a total different car any ideas or tips on how I can get the car declined or has anyone had a similar fault
    Many thanks

  • Laura

    Please help because when I went to brake to slow down while driving down a hill in my 2015 hardtop 2-door Cooper, the brake pedal got stuck halfway, and so was unable to stop. I had to then use the emergency brake to come to a stop.

  • Ella

    I have a 2009 mini one with just 47 k on the clock. I have owned the mini now for 9 months and since being bought have had to add over 4 litres of oil, add coolant to radiator, following engine warning light had a new oxygen filter replaced and despite all this I have contiued with the FSH with BMW. My biggest concern is the amount of oil being used with no leak etc showing . Any ideas ?

  • Rachel

    Anyone due to pick up a new mini tomorrow on the 17 plate? I’ve been told the one I’m due to pick up has been recalled due to fuel line issues. Still waiting to hear when I can pick it up, it doesn’t look like it will be tomorrow as planned.

  • Suzanne Neville

    Hi. just been driving our mini one – 05 reg. battery lights come on and powering steering has gone whilst driving down the a1. Anybody had the same problem? any suggestion what it might be. seen there was recalls, but not sure whether for this problem.

News on Mini Car Recalls for the United Kingdom

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