Mitsubishi Colt Z30A recall for steering specification concerns

We know that the UK does not have as many car recalls as the US, although we suspect that the number of cars recalled in the United Kingdom will increase by a huge about because of this Volkswagen crisis. However, there are a few recalls from them to time, such as the Mitsubishi Colt Z30A recall.

Mitsubishi Colt Z30A recall

The reason the Mitsubishi Colt Z30A is to be recalled is due to an issue where the power steering might not be up to specification. There are 2790 units affected in all that were manufactured between 15/11/2011 and 02/10/2012.

It’s not actually an issue with the complete power steering, but rather a connector pin, which could lead to increased resistance and so could stop the power steering from working.

Mitsubishi is to send out notices to those owners affected by this issue, where the dealer will then replace the EPS Gear and Link assembly. If you are centered and would like to check to see if your model is to be recalled, then your Vin has to be between XMDMJZ34ABF030896 to ZMDXNZ34ABF049151.

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