Mitsubishi problems

Mitsubishi Motors is just one of a huge number of companies owned by the Mitsubishi Group, although it is the division that makes cars that is of interest to us. The automotive part of the company can be dated back to 1917, although things never went very well in those early years. It was not until after World War 2 that Mitsubishi were able to focus their attention once more on producing vehicles, although it was during the 70s that real strides were made.

Mitsubishi problems

It was during the 1970s that Mitsubishi underwent a much-needed expansion of its motor division, although it had far better success in the 1980s. Mitsubishi Motors is not as big in the UK as some other counties, and you can tell this by its limited number of models.

The model range consists of the Mirage, ASX, Outlander, L200 and the Shogun. The last recall in the UK was for the Shogun, which was due to a possible fault in the engine ECU software. This affected the 2010 to 2013 models and included 2846 units in all.

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Mitsubishi UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Mitsubishi car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Mitsubishi? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Steve

    There is a persistent rattling from the dashboard on my 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage. From what I can make out it seems to be coming from the passenger side airbag compartment. Is this an easy fix, or should I call my dealer?

  • Nick

    The engine light on my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander keeps going on and off, and after having a sensor replaced, the issue keeps coming back, I have contacted Mitsubishi, and they are not prepared to covert this.

  • Joe

    While driving my 2008 Lancer there seems to be a strong smell of petrol when the car is hot and sitting in traffic. The smell will come into the car if the air con is switched on. I just cant seem to find the problem was hoping someone had an idea.

  • Gary

    The sunroof on my 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero has got jammed. Is there an easy way to fix this rather than going to a dealer where the cost will be pretty high?

  • John

    Each time I start my 1999 Mitsubishi FTO I have to apply some throttle, otherwise it will stall. Could the problem be down to the stepper motor?

  • Jody

    Why is it that the engine temperature goes up on my Mitsubishi L200 goes up when I stay at a constant 70 mile per hour?

  • Eddy

    The fuel light on my Mitsubishi Carisma stays on all the time and the temperature gauge stays at halfway and will not move. Oh, and the rear windscreen wiper no longer works – can these all be connected?

  • Janet

    When I select reverse in my 2004 Mitsubishi Colt with its automatic gearbox, it will select another gear instead. It only happens with reverse, but as you will know is not only annoying, but makes the car pretty undrivable.

  • Gavin

    My 2001 Mitsubishi L200 has developed a strange issue where it sucks air into the system when the fuel tank is just half full or less. I have to try to keep it topped up so that there is no problem.

    I have since grown tired of this and taken the tank off the trunk to replace the pickup pipes and breathing filter, yet the problem persists. I have since take the truck to several garages, all of which have been able to resolve the issue.

  • Will

    When my 1996 Mitsubishi Carisma is in neutral the engine sounds fine, but when you select reverse and start to speed up that is when you hear a popping sound from the exhaust. Not only that, but the revs will drop from 4,000 down to 1,000 without taking my foot of the accelerator, and it stays like that even with my foot flat to the floor. However, after a couple of seconds the engine goes back to normal and works fine, but only for another few seconds, and all the issues begin once again.

  • John

    My 2004 Mitsubishi Colt has developed an issue with its steering. The steering is very stiff when driving in a straight line, but the moment I start to turn a corner the steering feels normal. However, when I try to straighten the steering wheel it does not return to the central position.

  • Steve

    I have a Mitsubishi L200, which runs fine under normal driving conditions. However, when you put the truck under load it has a misfire, which can become a pain because it then begins to lack power. I have had the truck hooked up to a diagnostic machine, but there are no error codes. Does anyone have any advice please?

  • Eric

    What could cause my Mitsubishi FTO to keep cutting out at ignition? However, if I touch the accelerator just slightly then the car is fine, but the moment I take my foot off the pedal. it will cut out again, which can become a real pain while driving and have to come to s stop. I have to do the old foot and heal like you used to back the days of owning an old Ford Cortina.

  • Laurence

    All was fine and then all of a sudden my Mitsubishi 300 revs just went to 0 and the engine just cut out. It too around five minutes for the car to start again, although this has now happened about half a dozen times.

  • Del

    The electric door mirrors on my 2004 Mitsubishi L200 are no longer working. I have checked the fuse, and that is fine, so I am now worried that either the motors are gone, or there is a break in the wire – how will I be able to find out what the cause of the problem is?

  • Jake

    The paint on my Mitsubishi Eclipse had faded down righto the primer, and so now have a decision to make, as to take it back to the dealer, or get a third-party company to respray the areas?

  • Gav

    Started to have issues with my 2007 Mitsubishi Carisma gearbox, and it is now very hard selecting gears. By the way, the car is automatic.

  • Randy

    While driving my Mitsubishi 380 I smelt burning, and found that my radio had stopped working and the dimply went blank. The fuse is fine, so what else could have happened?

  • Trevor

    Please help, scuttle water is getting into the drivers side footwell of my L200. I have tried to locate where the water is coming in from, but am unable to find it.

  • Mike

    I’m getting annoyed because each time I turn the AC or heater on in my Mitsubishi Lancer there is a strange smell of gas, which annoying.

  • Karen

    Can someone please help me, most of the electrics on my Mitsubishi Colt keep coming on, such as the clock milage and then going off again. There are times when they do stay on a longer, but still end up going off again – arghhh.

  • Morris

    Can anyone help, I have a 2007 Mitsubishi outlander and it has developed a problem with its transmission. The revs will often jump as though it has been placed in neutral, and the shifts have started to get much harder.

  • Rob Pamment

    Mine does the same, anyone know why?

  • 4×4 fan

    Outlander cigarette lighter front stopped working egr throttle fault and consuming oil

  • Garry

    My 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS is having transmission problems. The RPM will jump for no reason, a bit like it has gone into neutral and the shifts between each gears seems to be getting harder. Do you think this could be a simple fact of the oil level low, or in need of a change?

  • Nigle

    The central display on my 2005 Mitsubishi Colt and instrument panel is very hard to see in the daylight. Although the moment that you go into a tunnel with some light, the display is excellent.

  • Irene Watson

    We have just got a brand new Mitsubishi barbarian on company lease. We drove it 4 miles and the power cut and could not be switched on until it was stopped. This happened 12 times in 14 miles and nearly caused a serious accident. The garage picked it up and say there is. I fault.
    I don’t have any confidence in the vehicle and have tried to reject the goods but auto lease say the contracts are unregulated and there is no 30 day reject entitlement.
    What can I do? Is this a common problem?

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