Morgan problems

Back in 1910 was when the Morgan Motor Company was first formed, and is still family owned, unlike many other similar companies. Morgan is based in Malvern, Worcestershire and currently employs 163 people, who still hand builds the cars today.

Morgan problems

There is a long waiting list for the new Moragn cars, roughly about six years, and more than 600 cars per year are assembled. This doesn’t sound like much, but when you see the work and craftsmanship that goes into each model you will then understand.

Looking at the early models you can still see that a lot of their DNA still appears on the current models, which to us is a good thing, as some things should remain timeless.

Morgan currently has 6 models in all, and those are the 3 Wheeler, 4/4, Plus 4, Roadster, Plus 8 and the Aero8.

These Morgans have a pretty good track record in terms of build quality, although this is to be expected with such low production numbers. However, from time-to-time an issue arrises and so needs to be rectified, which was what happened last summer. Morgan had to issue a recall for its three-whealer due to an issue with its brakes.

No other recalls have occurred since then, although we do know that some of you have not been happy with a few issues and so we ask for you to share them with other Morgan owners below.

Morgan UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Morgan car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Morgan? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Richard

    What on earth could be causing my Roadster to lack power and pull back when trying to speed up; surely it has to be something silly, as these cars ever hardly go wrong?

  • Tim

    The steering on my 2-wheeler has started to become a little vague, and so I no longer have the confidence I once had.

  • Ricky

    Has anyone else had an issue with the oil cap becoming loose after driving their Morgan three-wheeler for a couple of hundred mile?

  • Harry

    The voltage at the exit of the control box on my Morgan Aero 8 is 0.4V instead of 14v, hence why the main beam of the headlamps is not working. Does anybody know if this could be resolved without changing the control box?

  • Gordon

    I have a Morgan 4/4 from 1985 and for some reason the engine lacks power. I don;t really have a great knowledge of cars, but someone suggested to strip the carburetor down and give it a clean. Would this resolve the problem, and is it simple to do?

  • Miles

    My Morgan 4 seater does not seem to perform how it was did, such as there now being a jerkiness when going through the gears, and also overall performance seems to be hesitant.

  • Charles

    I have bought myself an old Morgan, but the ash frame has a few issues that need to be looked at. Now is this something that can be tackled myself, or should I really use a specialist for such a task?

  • Donald

    I have just purchased a used Morgan and feel i have made a mistake right away. After only having nit a few months it keeps cutting out on me and the ride does not feel as it should. I guess the army bells should have started to ring when I first noticed the tatty interior, a sure sign of neglect.

  • Richard

    The wood on my Morgan has now started to rot, which is annoying because we are told that the wood used is of great quality and treated. Should I take it to a specialist, or can I stop and repair the wood myself?

  • James

    I do not think I am the only one to have an issue with the seatbelt on my Morgan 4/4. Over time it got slower to retract, and now it no longer does. Is there a particular aftermarket seat belt I should go for?

  • Dannile

    I have found some rot on the wooden rocker below each door and the sill board of my Morgan, and now uncertain what it is I need to do to make repairs, and make certain this does not come back. Is there anything I could have also done to prevent such a thing from happening?

  • Jack

    I’ve been told that my Morgan 3-wheeler compensator problems could be caused by driving too slowly, and also in a high gear, is this correct, or have i been told something wrong?

  • Eric

    The moment I put a new battery in my Morgan 4/4 things have not run right since. I have to admit that it’s had the same tank of fuel in for more than 6 months, could this be the issue?

News on Morgan Car Recalls for the United Kingdom

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