New Skoda Fabia EA189 recall, numbers not yet confirmed

Having already reported that the VW Group has issued more EA189 engines to its recall list, the next batch concerns those with the 1.2 TDI engine. Skoda is to start issuing recall notices for the Fabia, where affected owners will need to take their vehicles in for repair.

New Skoda Fabia EA189 recall

We do not have the exact number of those vehicles affected by the New Skoda Fabia EA189 recall in the UK, as Volkswagen has yet to confirm this. We presume that there will be even more recalls outside the UK, and the numbers will only add to the pain that VW has suffered over the past several months and will put an even greater dent in their cash reserves put aside for the emissions scandal.

Affected owners will be contacted by letter from their local dealer, where they will then need to take them in to have changes made to hardware and software.