Official: No compensation from VW in the UK

They say life is not fair, and that would certainly seem to be the case if you are one of the affected VW owners in the UK, as Volkswagen has made it official that they are not going to compensate any of the owners that have one of these diesels in all of Europe.

Official- No compensation from VW in the UK

Volkswagen has said they are to compensate drivers in the US, which does seem to be a kick in the teeth. However, the German carmaker has put their spin on it by saying that the circumstances in the United States were different.

However, we find that hard to believe because the european models also use the same cheat software, and that more vehicles in Europe are affected than in the US.

BBC News understands that people in Europe will not stand for this, and also reports that it is clear that VW wants to keep the US Government happy, especially as the secretary of state has the power impose unlimited penalties, and so feel as though VW is discriminating affected owners in Europe.

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