Persistent Vauxhall Meriva DPF warning should warrant recall

We have heard from a number of Vauxhall Meriva owners about a persistent warning that keeps coming up saying that their Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) is blocked.

Persistent Vauxhall Meriva DPF warning

People have taken these affected vehicles to their local Vauxhall dealers and was told that they just need to take their cars out for a little run.

Many of them have found that this does the trick and the warning goes away, only for it to come back a week or so later.

We do find it concerning that Vauxhall say that you keep needing to take these vehicles out on a long run so that you no longer get this warning – but what about those people that have a family and only use it to commute back and fourth locally?

This has now lead to several owners getting rid of their Meriva, but only by taking a loss; so surely it is now the for Vauxhall to recognize this as an issue and announce a recall?

Have you had this issue, or any other problem with your Vauxhall, if so please visit our dedicated page to this brand of vehicle.