Peugeot problems

Peugeot has been many things in its time before finally becoming a carmaker back in 1882, and since then has become a firm favorite with the French market. However, it is also a popular brand in many parts of Europe, including the UK, although we do feel it has lost some of its magic.

Peugeot problems

With that being said, the current line of models are far more reliable than we have seen in years, although they are not without their problems. Some of the most popular models from today’s range are the 108, 208, 2008, 308, 2008, 508 and many more.

However, we should not forget about those fan favorites as well, such as the 208 and 207, although they are more prone to issues.

The good news is, it has been a while since Peugeot had to recall any of its models, with one of the last being the 208 from last year due to a potential fire risk.

If you have been experiencing any problems with your Peugeot, then please feel free to share your troubles with our readers in the comments section below.

Peugeot UK issues up to November 2017

You will find Peugeot car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Peugeot? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Jack

    Every now and then the snow and ice light appears in my gear dial on my Peugeot 206 automatic. In order to turn this warning light off I have to switch the engine off and on again.

  • Carly

    Why do I feel a jolt in my 2014 108 when changing from 1st to 2nd gear, surely this is not meant to happen?

  • Mick

    From the moment I start my 2003 Peugeot 206 it stalls almost right away. In order for it to not stall I have to keep the revs high, just for a few minutes.

  • Dave

    I have had the electric windows fail on me several times now, was wondering if this was a common problem with the 2007 Peugeot 207?

  • Ron

    Every winter I have to replace the horn on my 2005 Peugeot 307 because for some reason it always stops working. This has happened more than a handful of times, surely this cannot be right, and also covered under some sort of warranty from those that make the horn itself?

  • Steph

    The reeves seem to be far too high in my 2001 Peugeot 306, and I also have problems trying to accelerate. Someone has suggested a slipping clutch, but surely that would not cause the revs to be high?

  • Chris

    Has anyone else been suffering from heavy steering and the feeling the brakes are slowing the car down most times, even when the brake pedal is not being pressed? Just wondering if it could be an electrical issue seeing as thug there are these two issue? Oh sorry, the car is a 2000 10007.

  • Cliff

    The speedo has stopped working on my 2000 Peugeot 406; is it s simple job to fix?

  • Doug

    The electric doors mirror have stopped working on my Peugeot 307. I have checked the fuse, and that is ok. I am now worried that it could be an issue with the motor. Would this be an easy job to attempt myself?

  • Keith

    I cannot understand why the passenger window on my 2011 Peugeot 308 has stopped closing. The issue occured when the vehicle would not start, so went to chnage the battery by removing the negative terminal first, but had issue with the postive, so connected the negative back up. Now when the door is opened with the ignition off it eill not longer allow you to close the electric passenger window, and so I have to turn the ignition on to do so, which can be a pain.

  • Maureen

    My 2010 Peugeot 3008 has developed a horrible shudder while it is idling. It is not a huge amount, but still enough to be noticed. The model in question is the automatic version with the flappy paddles, and for your information has been doing this for around a week now. It has not got any worse thank god; so what on earth could be the cause?

  • Amy

    I have a 2001 Peugeot 306, which to me seems to now lack power. It’s as though I now have to work through the gears a lot harder, and for some reason the car has now started to rev much louder than it used to. I would be grateful of any help whatsoever.

  • Martin

    My Peugeot 406 hdi 110 has an issue with its engine because when you get about 2,000 revs I can feel the engine is hunting, which feels horrible while I am driving the car. This is a huge issue because at 2,000 revs and in 5th gear that is when you are traveling at 60 miles per hour, and so can become a real pain. There is another issue, and this is with a terrible smell of fumes coming from the exhaust – could these two issues be related?

  • Alfie

    The revs on my Peugeot 206 are far too high, and there is also an issue with the car accelerating, which has almost caused an accident or two. I have to now work very hard through the gears in order to get anywhere, which is also having an effect on my fuel economy. Does anyone know why this is happening?

  • Steph

    There is no display on my 2010 Peugeot 308 multiscreen, although everything is still working just fine. I cannot see this being an issue with the system itself, so could there be a setting that i have touched to turn the screen off?

  • Martha

    My Peugeot 207’s anti-theft has been activated, therefore my engine won’t start, this is the second time in 3mths now, took the key to a locksmiths who checked both keys which are fine, can anyone help why this has happened, I’ve tried removing the lead from the battery and re-connecting but still won’t work, can anyone shed some light on this please.

  • Kaz

    Is someone able to generate the code for the philips stereo in mu 2000 Peugeot 406 please? The model no is 22DC 722/65 and the serial number is FN0598446027239.

  • Gillian

    The roof on my Peugeot 307 has got stuck halfway, and so had to do it up the rest of the way manually. I was told that the rear boot lid sensor was not working correctly and so replaced it, and then reset the system. However, the roof has got stuck yet again and am now at a loss as to what could be causing this problem.

  • Claire

    I have an issue with the roof on my 206, as i turned the ignition off by mistake while the roof was being operated. Now all I get is a beeping noise, and have to use it manually. Any ideas are very welcome.

  • James

    My Peugeot 306 can only go in reverse, as I just cannot put it into drive at all – yes the car is automatic.

  • Jennifer

    The cooling fan on my Peugeot 305 has stopped working and so my car starts to get a bit hot. I have checked the fuse for the cooling fan, but that is ok, so I am worried it is either sensor related, thermostat or the motor in the fan has gone.

  • Danny

    While driving one day I noticed that the temp gauge on my Peugeot 406 was showing 80c, and then the dash light cam eon and the cooling fan kicked in. This stayed on for so long, even though the temp gauge showed that all was ok agin – it just would not switch off. This has now happened about four times, and I have no clue as to why this is happening.

  • Jake Forest

    We have a 2014 108 to and it does the same it has 18000 miles on now and clutch has just gone Peugeot say it’s wear and tear with only 18000 miles I say it’s a build fault

  • Paul

    Why does the ABS light on my Peugeot 1007 keep flashing? There are also times when this happens that the brakes start to feel funny and not slow the car down as they should. However, this is not all the time, which is the thing that confuses me.

  • Josh

    I cannot understand why the drivers side footwell in my Peugeot 308 is always soaked. I have taken the car to several garages, although none have been able to find out what is causing the carpet to get wet. Does anyone know of any issue with the 2010 model?

  • Merv

    My Peugeot 407 had a turbo leak and so have had it checked out. I have been told it is ok, so how come there is oil coming from the rocker cover where the breather pipes enters the box?

  • doug

    Could be a choked engine breather, give that a try.

  • Frank

    The bonnet lever cable has become loose on my 2005 Peugeot 807 and now I am able to open it. I did try to get the dealer to open it, but was looking as though they may damage it, and so stopped them from doing so. I wonder if anyone of you have had such an issue, and if so how you were able to fix it?

  • Janet

    Can anyone tell me why my Peugeot 106 stop light is not wiring how to shop;d. I have checked the bulb, and also the fuse, but still nothing.

  • Henry

    Please help, my 2014 Peugeot 308 has an issue with its rear Axle, which has been causing a horrible banging noise. The dealer has said that they still do not have a solution, and so it;s now been almost a month and yet no answer- just wondered if anyone else is having such issues?

  • Jamie

    Yes, I have just returned from the local dealer this morning and they mentioned the problem has been going on for months and they are no further forward with a solution. 308 65 plate still under warranty :-(

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