Peugeot recalls Partner and Expert III over airbag module

Oh dear, looks like Peugeot is having the same issue as Citroen, because the French carmaker recently issued a recall for two of their models.

Peugeot recalls Partner and Expert III

Models affected: The two affected models are the Partner III and Expert III, which were built between April 23, and May 5, 2016. In all, 797 are to be recalled in the UK.

The reason for the recall – is die to the fact that the driver’s airbag inflator may not come up to specifications, in which case could lead to the airbag not deploying correctly.

If your Vehicle ID is VF3******GJ681232 to VF3******GZ025183, and VF3******GJ681232 to VF3******GZ025183, then you should contact your nearest Peugeot dealer, where they will arrange to replace the driver’s airbag module.

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