Peugeot recalls various models for defective fuel heater cover

Peugeot has issued a recall for several of their models because of a potential defective fuel heater cover that were built from 03/09/2012 to 19/12/2014.

Peugeot recalls various models

What models are affected? There are seven in all, and these are the 308, RCZ, 3008, 5008, 508, 807 & EXPERT III Van, and there are 12,840 units to be recalled in all.

There is the fear that fuel could leak because the diesel fuel filter cover may be defective on these models, and if so heat could then build up in the electrical supply connector. If this were to happen, then the cover may distort and allow air to enter the circuit.

Affected models could become difficult to start, and there is even a chance that diesel could start to leak.

In order to resolve this issue, Peugeot are to recall all seven models and replace the heater cover if needed, and also the electrical connector will be checked and replaced if necessary.

If you have any concerns, then please contact Peugeot Customer Care on 0800 042 2422. And, if you have any issue with your Peugeot you can share your problems HERE.