Renault Laguna III (3) problems and hopeful solutions

The Renault Laguna III or 3 as most people call it was built between 2007 and 2015 and in that time we have seen some good and bad things wrote about the model, although as ever, we know that there are many owners out there that are unhappy with certain issues relating to their car.


We have started to see an increase in the number of people looking for solutions to their common Renault Laguna 3 problems, which includes starting, keycard, steering, window, such as the driver’s one, and also minor things like headlight washers.

Some of these are just general problems that are often easy to solve, although there are some of the tougher ones, like dimming electrics, relentless brake warning, the engine losing power to name but a few.

This page has been created so that the community can work with each other in order to try to help those owners currently having issues, and so hopefully saving them a few pounds as well. Please include your comments below.

  • Jackie

    Funny you should say that, as my 2015 Laguna brakes are wearing out far quicker than they should. I do not drive this car like a teenager, and have not been given a straightforward answer by Renault, who does not want to take any of the balm, even if under warranty.

  • Neil

    Why is it that my Renault Laguna will not open or close with the key card, even though the batteries have been replaced, and so has the card itself?