Resolving Aston Martin DB9 coupe and a convertible problems

If you are lucky enough to own an Aston Martin DB9, then you do have one of the best cars ever built – well in terms of style anyway. The DB9 is the successor to the DB7 and so therefore you would assume that Aston Martin had learnt from the mistakes made and therefore the new model would suffer from less problems.


However, this is not the case because there are still a number of Aston Martin DB9 coupe and a convertible problems. Some of the most common faults are with its engine, gearbox, steering, oil starvation, and believe it or not, general reliability issues.

For many owners they do not have to worry, as the vehicle is still covered under its warranty, but for those where it has run out, they can expect an expensive bill. However, there is another way, and that is to write your issue down in the comments section below, and hopefully the community will be able to help resolve things for you.

  • David

    The oil light on my DB9 came on, but by that time it was tool late, the oil pressure had dropped on number 6 and 12, and now looks like I have a huge bill coming. Is this a common issue, because if so I will not be very happy, and Aston Martin will be getting a visit from me very soon?

  • Harry

    For some reason mine is pulling back on me. If I was to describe it, it feels as though the days of when you had a carburettor and the jets were blocked – but surely things like this are a thing of the past, especially when I have always used high-end fuel and had the car serviced regularly?