Rolls-Royce problems

Rolls-Royce has undergone a lot of changes over the years, although still holds on to the same values when it comes to making luxury automobiles. Most of us still see the company as British, even though it took German money from BMW to safeguard this great institution.

Rolls-Royce problems

The Rolls-Royce brand has been in use since 1906, although has been bought out several times and so has underwent a few changes to its name, although always sticking with Rolls-Royce in it.

Going back to today, and the company is still going strong with plenty of orders, although some people question if it is right for Rolls-Royce to go down the SUV route?

The current model lineup is the Ghost, Phantom, and the Wraith. From what we know there has not been a Rolls Royce recall in years, and not many people have any problems either, as aftercare on these models are second to none. However, we are sure some of the older models have a problem or two, which you could share below.

Rolls-Royce UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Rolls-Royce car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Rolls-Royce? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Nigel

    For some reason my 2011 Ghost has started to overheat. I heard this was an issue that had meant to be fixed, so why does mine still have that problem?

  • Harry

    Now I know my Wraith was always going to be thirsty on fuel, but my 2012 seems to drink far too much.

  • Nick

    I made the mistake of buying an older Rolls-Royce that had been neglected. The first warning signs should have come with the poorly maintained leather interior, which was all cracked. it was not long after that the problems started, such as excessive oil use, uneven tyre wear, binding brakes and so much more. My advice before you consider a Rolls-Royce more than 15 years old is to not rush into it and just do a little research in terms of how well it has been maintained.

  • Graham

    Please help, My Rolls-Royce has developed an issue where it is unable to start. I have checked all the basics, but still nothing – I have a feeling this is going to be expensive.

  • Jane

    I have a 1991 Silver Spirit, and while it is now getting on a bit, I am worried about a whine that os coming from the rear axel. Am I expected a huge bill?

  • Viv

    I have my eye on an older Rolls-Royce, but the interior is faded and split; should this be cause for concern over how the vehicle has been treated as a whole, and if so should I give this vehicle a wide birth?

  • Max

    I recently bought a classic Rolls Royce, but after driving it for a few days found that it handles like a pig. I have taken it to a garage to have it looked over, and all the suspension and steering components are fine. However, I did find that the tyres being used were a very cheap brand – could this be the cause of the poor handling?

  • Michael

    I have a 1991 Silver Spirit, which only has 17,000 miles on the clock and has been stored away in a dry garage for most of that time. It is for this very reason why I do not understand why it has developed a whine from the rear axel. I just wondered if this could be lack of use, and so things start to seize up a little?

  • Miles

    I had been driving my 1990 Silver Spirit and everything was fine. However, when I turned it off and went back to start it 5 minutes later, it would not start, or even try to crank over. All the light son the dash still come on, and I hear a clocking noise when turning the key.

  • Dave

    The V8 engine in my Rolls-Royce has now started to make a horrible tapping sound, and I now fear is the dreaded tappets issue. Do you think it is wise to use another brand of tappets or just the Crewe brand?

  • Neil

    I have noticed an oil leak around the valve covers and also in the centre of the engine of my Rolls-Royce Spirit. I have had the car for many years and has always been well maintained, and so cannot understand why such a thing has happened.

  • Ian

    I have a defective rear shock absorber on my 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom, and know that I should go back to the main dealer to have it replaced, but I did hear somewhere that there was a recall on this model, but was only for one vehicle, so how come mine is not under that same recall notice?

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