SEAT 2015-2016 models affected by child lock recall

A few days ago SEAT had to issue a recall for 1334 of its Mii, Ibiza, Leon and Toledo models because of an issue with their child locks.

SEAT 2015-2016 models affected by child lock recall

In all, 1334 of these vehicles are to be recalled, with those models affected being those built from 25/11/2015 to 14/04/2016, and so will go under the 2016 model.

The manufacturer reference number is 58D1 and is due to the child lock possibly disengaging without the driver even knowing about it. This means that the door will be able to be opened from the inside, and so a very serious safety concern.

Affected models are to be recalled and so the child lock function can be tested, and if needed will be replaced.

The Vehicle ID for those vehicles affected are VSSZZZ6JZGR070268 to VSSZZZ6JZGR080959, VSSZZZAAZGD313796 to VSSZZZAAZGD316071, VSSZZZ5FZGR092525 to VSSZZZ5FZGR109642, and VSSZZZNHZG1016507 to VSSZZZNHZG1019522.