SEAT Ibiza default prompts UK airbag recall

SEAT has issued a recall notice for its Ibiza model because of a possible issue that could cause the driver’s airbag not to deploy. The recall was announced a few days ago and is to start with immediate effect.

SEAT Ibiza default prompts UK airbag recall

The affected SEAT Ibiza model year is 2013 built between 12/06/2013 and 15/06/2013. The reason why the driver’s airbag may not deploy correctly is because of a fault while the gas generator was being wielded.

If the wielding is faulty, then when the airbag tries to deploy it could actually cause more harm than good.

All affected vehiclse are being recalled to have the driver’s airbag and its mechanism replaced. The way to tell if you do have an affected vehicle is if the VIN is between VSSZZZAAZED301691 to VSSZZZAAZED301790. If you would like more help, then please call your local SEAT dealer.

Do you have an issue with your SEAT, if so then share it with the Car Recalls Community and hopefully they will help you find the answer.