SEAT models could be affected by emissions scandal

We should find out soon just what VW models are affected by this emissions scandal. The thing is, Volkswagen have been a little cryptic in sharing such information, and while we already have a better understanding of what is going on in the US, no details have been shared about just how many models are affected in each country, and what other brands owned by the VW Group are affected.

SEAT models could be affected by emissions scandal

However, there are concerns that some SEAT models could be affected by the emissions scandal as well, as we already know that some of them use the EA189 diesel engine, as do some Skoda models.

Volkswagen is now coming under increased pressure, as UK lawyers are asking for the German company to come clean and finally share details of which vehicles are affected and how many, as well as what they prepare to do to resolve the massive issue.

There is also a new concern that affected owners may now have to pay higher vehicle excise duty. If you are concerned about this scandal, then you can share your anger on your SEAT, VW, Skoda, Porsche or Audi problem pages, all of which are wondered by the VW Group.

  • Richard Lount

    I am curious as to whether this emissions scandal could in any way effect the life span of the EGR valve as my sons Seat Ibiza has only done 39,000 and needs a new valve at £250 and it has had the work ddone to correct the emissions. Any help or advice would be appreciated.