Several Volvo models to be recalled

Volvo recently issued a recall for its V60, V60CC, V70 and XC60 models, and so we thought we would just offer you a reminder, seeing as though the VW crisis had taken over the news within the car industry for all of last month.

Volvo V60 recalled

The reason that Volvo has felt the need to issue this recall is because there is the chance that the crankshaft may not have been hardened sufficiently.

If this is the case, then it could lead to engine failure. The way you might be able to tell if your engine was about to go is if there is a sudden loss of power, or even knocking from the engine.

Affected vehicles will need their engines replaced. For more details on this, visit this Volvo recall checker page. Do you have another issues with your Volvo you would like to share, then head to this page.