Skoda problems

Whenever there is a new Skoda recall for their models, you will find them listed here, although they do not happen as often as you would think. Having said that, we know there are always complaints about cars, and it is those that could lead to a future recall.

Skoda problems

The last time a recall was issued for a Skoda model was back in October 2014, but this was just a minor issue that was easily rectified. While this is great news for those that own a Skoda, drivers live in an age that they can never feel too safe in their vehicles.

However, Skoda owners are always going to have problems, and so we ask that you share those with other readers in the comments below. If you have a complaint you wish to share, then we have included Skoda’s social channels to the right.

Skoda UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Skoda car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Skoda? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Derek

    Can anyone help, I recently bought a 2004 Fabia VRS and it has an electrical problem. The TCS and ABS and brake light all came on, even after I bought and fitted a new battery and alternator.

  • Jane

    Help, the hazard warning lights have stopped working on my 1998 Skoda Octavia, and before you ask, yes I have checked the fuse. Do you think it could be a faulty switch?

  • Diana

    For some strange reason my Skoda Octavia no longer starts, it is just tumbling. However, the brakes likes do flash and makes a strange ping noise.

  • Maureen

    The DSG gearbox on my Skoda Fabia VRS Estate has stopped working correctly. There is a rough jolt when going from Neutral into Drive, and also from 1st up to 2nd, although the other gears seem to be fine.

  • Helen

    My 2006 Skoda Roomster struggles to start when cold, but I have no such issue once she is warm.

  • Mandy

    The power steering on my Skoda Fabia seems to be overly light, although no fault codes are showing up.

  • Charlie

    My 2012 Octavia II aircon flaps are sticking, which means I only feel hot air, how can I rectify this problem?

  • Joe

    The diesel particulate filter (DPF) warning light on my 2010 Skoda Yeti diesel has started to come on, why would that be?

  • Amber

    There was a sensor on my Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 108 SE 2WD telling me that there was a fault with the engine. However, if you do have a similar problem, please be aware that it could be the sensor itself, which was the case with mine.

  • John

    I seem to be having an issue with my Skoda Octavia EDC 16 1.9tdi, as it seems to lack power in first and second gear.

  • Craig

    I have a feeling the transponder on my 2012 Skoda Yeti is causing fuel problems, is this easy to fix?

  • Derrick

    The clutch pedal on my 2014 Skoda Octavia vRS Estate diesel seems to feel a little sticky, has anyone else had such an issue?

  • Nigel

    Someone told me that the Skoda Octavia Mk1 dash failure is a pretty common fault, is this correct?

  • Maureen

    Once my 2007 Skoda Octavia has been running for more than ten minutes and tenth engine is turned off, for some reason it will not start again. When the car is running though it all seems fine.

  • Nick

    The brake lights on my 2005 Skoda Octavia flash at random after a cold, damp night, also the battery seems to drain little.

  • Paula

    I’ve heard that only Skoda can do the timing belt on my 2000 Octavia, is this correct?

  • Mel

    My 2004 Skoda Octavia 2004 seem to have an issue with its ABS/ESP, as it often stop working, is this a common issue?

  • Dennis

    Why would the power steering on my Skoda Fabia VRS go very hard, yet no warning light shows up?

  • Billy

    Why is it that the rear tires on my 2008 Skoda Octavia are starting to teardown far quicker than before?

  • Craig

    Is it me or does the cabin noise in the Skoda Octavia seem overly excessive?

  • Steven

    Why is it that my 2009 Skoda Octavia VRS suffer from uneven tyre wear?

  • Mary

    I have a 2011 Skoda Octavia and for some reason it lost its odd number gears. The main dealer tried to replace the mechatronic unit for a small fee, yet the problem is still there. Skoda now want to replace the entire gearbox, although at full price, so should I consider taking it elsewhere?

  • Ashley

    The trip computer on my 2008 Skoda will not reset. This is a real pain as I need to know the amount of miles I do for work purposes.

  • Milly

    What on earth could be causing a strong smell of burning water on my 2008 Skoda Octavia?

  • Lesley

    There seems to be a strange noise coming from the steering of my 2001 Skoda Octavia. I have taken it to the dealer, yet have been unable to find anything wrong.

  • Derek

    The front electric windows on my 2007 Skoda Roomster only works every now and then? I have been told it is an issue with sensor part no 5J0 959 433 A, although have not been able to find out where it is located the car, as wild rather replace it myself.

  • Maureen

    My Skoda Octavia will not start. It turns over but will not kick in. I have had various warning lights come on, so could it be the ECU?

  • Lesley

    I cannot understand why there are erratic onboard computer readings on my Skoda Octavia. For example: the readings for the fuel
    consumption keeps crashing, and the figures do not seem to be correct.

  • Owen

    I recently had a small crash in my 1994 Skoda Favorit and now the engine will not start. I was wondering if this model had a safety fuel cut-off and if so where is it located so that I can reset it?

  • James

    The front electric windows on my 2007 Skoda Rooster works intermittently. I have now found out that it is an issue with one of its monitoring sensors, and while Skoda have given me a price on how much they would charge to supply and fit the new sensor, they refuse to tell me where on the car it is located so that I can replace it myself to save money.

  • Len

    I’m getting very annoyed with my 2004 Skoda Octavia because the car is lacking power. I have since cleaned the manifolds, serviced the turbo, changed the oil and filter, and also changed the timing belt and cleaned the EGR, yet the problem still persists. Oh, I just remembered, all vacuum hoses have been replaced, but I am still none the wiser.

  • Roger

    My Skoda Superb has a servo brake error, the reason why I know this is because when Instant the car there are 3 beeping alarms for the ABS lamp. The handbrake light also flashes. next there is a service brake error test that comes up, but when I start to drive the ABS lamp then goes out, although the handbrake light keeps flashing. All vacuum hoses have been changed, but not long after all the problems came back again.

  • Annibele

    The computer on my Skoda Octavia is not giving me the correct information. Whenever I go to look at certain settings, such has average fuel consumption it will crash. I have since taken it back to the dealer, but they have been unable to find any sort of error code as to what could cause this issue. Having said that, the engine has also started to cut out every now and then, so wondered if this is related.

  • Lesley

    When I start my 2009 Skoda Superb I hear 3 beeping alarms for the ABS light, and also the handbrake light flashes. The is also the error message serve brake error, but once I start to drive most of those warnings go away, all but the flashing handbrake symbol. I have had al the vacuum hoses changed, bit the error are still there – please help.

  • Maureen

    How come when I drive my Skoda Superb the footwell lights will not go out. There is no off switch on this like on the main interior light, so what can I do to make these lights go out while driving, as they are very distracting at night time?

  • Laura Evans

    I’m getting very annoyed with my 2015 Skoda yeti 2 L Diesel which I picked up at the end of May, within three weeks of having it I have to take it back to the garage as it lost all power going down a hill, now when driving there is a smell of burning plastic coming through that air-conditioning and if you get out the car you can smell it around the bonnet.

  • Martin

    Get the tracking done/checked it’s called saw toothing I believe

  • Martin

    Wasn’t there a recall on some DSG 6 speed gearboxes?

  • Martin

    If I’m right push down the button on the dash by the speedo and that should reset it

  • Martin

    Plugs and leads?

  • Martin

    Have the faults been cleared from the ecu?

  • Martin

    A bit of research has shown that this may be a fault id speak to dealer and see what they say about it

  • Martin

    Yep !

  • Martin

    Dodgy sensor in one or more of the wheel hubs id hazard a guess at,

  • Betty

    Any issues on the automatic citigo

  • Doreen

    There are tomes when I reach 50 miles per hour in my Skoda Superb it is unable to get any faster. I changed the gearbox oil, as suggested, but the problem still persists any other ideas please?

  • Neil r

    I’ve got same problem. Had to get the car towed to dealer by RAC this weekend as I was miles from home. Helpful to know what happened before they charge me a fortune for even thinking about it!

  • Helen

    I need to replace the spark plugs and filter on my 2005 Skoda Octavia, but am unable to take the plastic engine cover off – does anyone have a tip how to do this please?

  • Lesley

    I have a 2001 Skoda Octavia that no longer starts. The oil light flashes and the engine does crank, but just will not kick in. However, when it does finally start it runs very rough, and then settles down after 10 seconds or so.

  • Annie

    I have a 2009 Skoda Fabia and over the last few months I have noticed that the fuel gauge and the mileage don’t correspond. When I fill up the tank, the reading might say I can travel 380 miles and by the time I have driven 5 miles, the fuel gauge is reading 325 miles or less – what could be the problem?

  • Maureen

    While driving at high speeds there is a strange winning noise from my Skoda Fabia, but this only happens when I tale my foot of the throttle. However, the noise will also go when I put my foot on the clutch.

  • Siggi Þorbergsson

    My brand new Skoda Octavia will not start. The tire pressure warning sign is blinking and the message reads: error, brake, workshop. Familiar to anyone?

  • Daz

    The radio for my Skoda Octavia is either lost or stolen, and for some reason am unable to find a replacement – its a 2010 model by the way.

  • Thomas

    I change bearings in the front suspension 2 times on my 2012 Skoda Yeti. And it’s done only 57000 km

  • Poppy

    The engine on my Skoda Octavia is hunting, which means it will not tick over steady, and so you can see the rev counter moving up and down little. I have replaced the EGR valve, as someone had suggested that, but the issue is still there. However, when I am driving the car there is no such issue with performance at all.

  • Chez

    Over a number of days to a week My 2011 Skoda ocatavia started to give me erratic light warnings, first telling me parking light was out..which it was, then my blinker stopped working…..when I next got in car the blinker was working but both parking slights out now. On the way to go buy globes and the computer warnings told me all my lights were out….Argggg, checked and they were all fine except now no parking lights plus low beam. Changed the low beam globe and it worked, changed a Parker light but still not working so checked fuse and found it to be burnt, changed fuse but still no parking lights and now my battery is dead. Recharged battery and still dies on me, also get additional alarms on display like traction control, power steering and tyre pressure however once I start to drove off they eventually go off. Is this an electrical issue which ultimately killed my battery? Local dealership can’t diagnose and cost me hundreds for them to tell me what I already knew.

  • Desmond

    My 2012 Skoda Octavia is not starting with the brake light on, and the coil light keeps flashing as well. The brake light switch has been changed, yet I still get fault codes 1551-p0562 and 10123-p0685 – so do you have any ideas what these mean?

  • Rajiv

    I am from India and issue here with Skoda has been their high after sales service costs and high maintenance costs, the vehicle comes with one or other issue even if it has been attended only authorised service centre, the ill famous EPS error which comes to a majority of Skoda vehicles and the repair cost is a bomb, there are six or seven components to it and the service centre instead of finding which is faulty and attending that, declare full system has to be replaced, Skoda wont admit it that it is known issue as they will have to then do recall which is big issue for them I know few owners like me who have this issue. Hope Skoda listens , I have a 2011 Skoda Yeti with 60000 kms done

  • Annie

    My skoda octavia vrs 2011 has cut out mid near the start of my journey and will not start at all now.
    I am awaiting rescue at 1 am!! The air intake lever has fractured and I am awaiting a tow. Anybody with the same problems?

  • Derek

    I seem to be having a jerking problem with my 2011 Skoda Octavia. Whenever the engine is cold it takes around half a minute for the car to start running smooth, as before that it will jerk like mad. Skoda have been unable to find the problem, yet it keeps happening from time to time.

  • Henry

    Is there a quick fix to the Skoda Rapid ground clearance problem, as it’s just not designed to clear certain clearances like you would have assumed.

  • Rick Marshall

    i have a 2011 Superb Estate and the ABS and the traction control and the tyre pressure light come on. Went to the Skoda dealer and was told it was the magnet on the wheel bearing hub. Not the sensor. I am hoping Skoda find the cause?As I am now queering the whole ordeal as other people are experiencing the same problem.$400 for diagnosis and nothing done…. disappointing …

  • Raja

    Skoda superb 2009 cr. All lights on dash illuminated at lights had car in drive when lights changed no power and engine switched off. Tried to restart but no joy. Lights flickering as ignorant battery’s dead but it’s a new battery. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Slaviša Rabrenović

    I have the same problem with my Superb 2010 4×4. In Skoda offical service they told me that the vacum pump is a problem. They change it for 350 euros but the problem is still on.

  • Gavin Spence

    Looking for information regarding a skoda rapid 2014, has there been any issues with handbrakes not holding. I hope that this can be advised. Would greatly appreciate this information.

  • Reuben

    I changed my brake pads on my car and it was running at the time. And the skid light came on and there is no power steering. Why would the be.

  • Sarkab Hussain

    I had this same issue with octavia vrs. It turned out abs ring in wheel bearing and speed sensor on hub fixed the issue straight away parts and labour from my local repair garage wasn’t even £200

  • Elsie

    I recently bought a Skoda Octavia, 2012 with very low mileage. Recently the injector went and was replaced. Now it feels very different when driving – chugging noise when accelerating and changing gears and feels juddering in 5th gear. Was told this was normal but it feels different than before injector was changed. What to do?

  • Nick Chambers

    My skoda superb s 58 reg with 165238 miles is makeing a very loud intermittent noise (what I can only describe as tappets) But only when cold as soon as the temp goes up between 70 and 90 degrees it stops and then only happens some times when I accelerate. Any one got any ideas ?

  • James Benson

    Owned my 63 plate Octavia for almost a year, occasionally after pulling on to a motorway at the start of my journey the car tells me the engine is over heating. After a few seconds the temperature gauge goes back down to normal. Had tge skoda dealer look at it and they said it needs a new water pump but didnt say what was wrong with it. I know it’s not leaking as the water level is still full and I’ve never topped it up. Anyone else had this problem and did you get them to fix it? The mileage is just under 47000 miles btw.

  • daniel.neary

    I have this exact same issue, did the water pump sort it?

  • James Benson

    Yes replaced water pump, not had the overheating problem again

  • Roger Duke

    2016 Skoda Yeti When unlocking the door, All the windows open. Have returned to the car after a few minutes abd found the tw rear door windows open Strange Anyone have any iders

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