Smart Fortwo maintenance flap recall for 2014-2015 models

Mercedes have had to issue a recall notice for the Smart Fortwo in the UK because of a faulty maintenance flap, which could work its way loose.

Smart Fortwo maintenance flap recall

In all there are 1726 units affected by this recall, with the affected Smart Fortwo models built from 01/04/2014 to 31/10/2015. The manufacturer reference number for this recall is SRS1600, and so this is the number you need to quote if you need to call your local dealer.

The actual problem – There is a chance that some of these vehicles may have not had their maintenance flap tightened to the correct specification. The end result could be that the service flap could detach from the vehicle due to high speed or a large gust of wind.

We don’t need to tell you how dangerous this could be, but we will anyway, because if this were to detach itself then this could cause you to crash your vehicle because of not being able to see if it went in front of your vision. Not only that, but it could also hit a pedestrian.

You need to check your Smart Fortwo vehicle ID, because if it is WME4533422K009990 to WME4533442K059456, then you need to call your nearest dealer, where they will more than likely replace the locks on the maintenance flap.

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