Smart Fortwo recall reminder for shock absorber problem

Mercedes Benz had to issue a recall notice last month for its 2014 Smart Fortwo because of an issue with its shock absorber. We thought we would just offer you a reminder of this recall, seeing as though there are always a few people that miss the notice that had been sent out for various reasons.

Smart Fortwo recall reminder

The reason behind this recall is due to the fact that the wielding on the bracket of the torsion bar linkage that meets the shock absorber might not be to specification. If this is the case, then there is a chance that the weld seams around the bracket could crack under load, and cause the driver to lose control.

However, even if you were not to have an accident, you will notice a change in the driving characteristics, and also extreme tyre wear.

Like we said above, you should have received a recall notice by now, where you will have a date set to have the front shock absorbers replaced. Affected Smart Fortwo were built between 01/04/2014 and 30/11/2014, and their VINs are between WME4533421K000433 to WME4533441K000767.

Do you have an issue with your Smart car, if so you can share it with the community in the hope of finding a solution.