Smart Fortwo third generation (Mk3) problems and faults

The Smart Fortwo third generation model, which is the Mk3 started production in 2014, and is still going today, and so a new generation is still a long way off, seeing as though these tend to run for around 7 years. Even though the company has made several improvements, it’s still not without it’s issues.


Smart Fortwo problems and faults – There are so many issues for those 3rd-gen model, with some of the most common faults its transmission/gearbox, turbo, immobiliser, alternator, ABS, steering starting and much more. People have also started to search for Smart Fortwo fault codes in the hope of finding and fixing the issue themselves.

We have created this page in order for our community to get involved to share their issues, and to also share the solutions they may have for people. If you do have any problems, then please add to the comments section below.

  • Lesley

    I know that this is a small car with a small engine, but surely there is a way to reduce the road noise? Was wondering if changing the tyres to ones with a lower Db rating would help?

  • Robbie

    Been having some serious issues with the steering on my Smart Fortwo, and the dealer has been unable to find any issue, yet it does seem to want to keep pulling to the left from time-to-time. I have had the tracking done, and also made certain the correct amount of air is in the tyres, but still having the issue – please help.