Smart problems

Smart Automobile makes the new Smart Fortwo, Smart Forfour, the Electric version of the Fortwo and also the Smart eBike, which we know is a very impressive bike indeed – even if it does cost a small fortune.

Smart problems

The company is owned by Daimler AG, which not only manufactures these small, funky vehicles, but markets them as well. These vehicles begun life back in the 1980s, which was a joint venture with Swatch, as they helped work on the design, although was not released until 1998.

We have seen many variants over the years, with the latest being the four-seater and also an EV model, which is ideal for driving in the city.

It’s been a pretty long time since there was a recall for one of these Smart cars, which is a good sign, Having said that, they are not without their problems, and so we ask that you share those issue in the comments section below.

Smart UK issues up to November 2017

You will find Smart car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Smart? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Jennifer

    The fuel filler cap on my 2014 Smart Fortwo has become stuck and I cannot open it at all. Is this a common problem, and if so is there an easy fix?

  • Ian

    From time to time my 2009 Smart Fortwo will act as though it is in neutral, when it is clearly in gear. I am now worried this could be a clutch problem. Does anyone out there know what it could be?

  • Trav

    With less than 18,000 miles on my 2012 Smart Fortwo the engine started to misfire due to an issue with one of the cylinders. Has anyone else had such an issue?

  • Sarah

    The driver’s door on my 2005 Smart Fortwo will not open from the inside. The strange thing is, it works fins from outside.

  • Terry

    The triptronic gearbox on my 2001 Smart forth keeps getting stuck, and so not going into toe correct gear. 2nd and 3rd seem to be the worst, does anyone have any information please?

  • B Ward

    I keep getting overtaken by bicycles and have flies splatted on the rear windwo

  • Carol

    My Smart Forfour 1.3 semi auto model has developed an issue with its start/stop system. When I come to a stop all is fine and the engine turns off. However, when I put my fppt on the accelerator to go again – nothing. Is this a common issue, and if so what needs to be done to resolve the issue?

  • Charlie

    The main reason I bought a Smart Car was to save money on fuel, which it has been doing without issue. However, over the past few weeks the car has started to lose oil. At first it was hard to spot where the oil was being lost, and so just kept it topped up, although there I can now nosy that the oil is leaking from several areas, although it is hard to say if it is dripping from one place and then traveling to other areas. Where is the most likely place to look first?

  • Cal

    A strange thing keeps happening to my Smart Car. When I have it in park all is fine, but when I try and put it either reverse or drive, a beeping noise sounds and looking on the dash it just shows that Neutral has been selected. No matter how many times I try, it just will not go into gear, and so I am pretty much stuck.

  • Daniele

    My 2005 Smart forfour has decide it no longer wants to be nice to me, as I’m starting to have issues with its gearbox, along with its throttle. There are times when I come to a stop and then try to move on again the car does not want to move, as though the gears are not engaging correctly.

    The strange thing is, on the panel it still shows in auto, so I should have gears, but nothing. However, if I then turn the engine on and off again this little trick works for a few miles, then the issue returns. Is this an issue with the gearbox, or the throttle?

  • Hayley

    Every time I go to pull away in my Smart ForTwo the car judders like mad. This happened every time now, and so I am uncertain what to do next. Should I take it to Mercedes, or would it be just as good going to an independent garage?

  • Brian

    I have been very happy with my 2011 Smart Car, up until the day I started to noticed I had to keep topping the oil up. One day when I started the engine I had noticed smoke from the engine area, and so assumed that oil was leaking onto something. I left it overnight with a piece of cardboard underneath, and saw that oil was coming from several areas. I’d like to know if there are any known issues so that it can help me fix this issue?

  • Jenny

    I seem to be having trouble with the gears on my 2007 Smart Foxrfour, in terms of changing from 2nd to 3rd, although not all the time. Do you know os this a common issue, and if so how do I go about fixing it?

  • Mackayla

    My 2015 smart for four model keeps activating the alarm when parked for no reason.

  • Peter

    People keep saying that I should steer clear of the Smart Forfour semi auto model, but are they truly as bad as people make out?

  • Mike

    Am I the only one to suffer from twitchy steering and a lumpen ride while being driven round corners in my Smart forfour? I just have a feeling I have an issue, even though Smart engineers have yet to find an issue and say this is normal – but surly this cannot be true?

  • Thomas Johnston

    Hi Daniele
    Did you manage to find out what was wrong? I have a friend having a similar problems at junctions with 2005 forfour although the gear display disappears until it is switched off and on again and then the gears work again. Has anyone any idea what it could be?

  • David

    Can someone please help me, as my Smart Brabus Roadster has a sudden loss of power. I was told that it was to do with the turbo, and so have had the waste gate cleaned, and since that did not work I then had the turbo itself replaced, and still there is a loss of power.

  • Chandres Tejura

    My 2015 Smart Forfour has stop start, which hardly starts….. Does anyone else has this issue of stop start not activating???

  • Dave Wilson

    well my forfour has been in numerous times with engine warning light now dealer says they dont know what wrong with it and want to give it back in the same state i sent it in this is terrible service. put a complaint in with Mercedes still no luck just want rid of it now

  • Susan Kearnan

    Smart for two recall June 2015. No date known. Trying to find out the date our car was recalled. Any ideas where we can find out?

  • Darren Pardoe

    Hi Dave, have you had any luck with a fix yet? We have a new Smart and it twice now had an engine management warning, the fault is with ABS sensors. The dealers have not changed any part, cant identify the fault as it clears after a reset.

  • Darren Pardoe

    Our Smart FourTwo Stop / Start works all the time. Its an auto if that makes any differance. With other models of cars with the same start / stop faults are usually with the battery not holding charge or not getting charged enough. Outside temp has also an influence, if its cold start / stop is usually disabled.

  • Dave Wilson

    I have bought a Audi A1 if turned out most of the wiring was trapped not earned basically a fire trap had no compensation from Mercedes just could not trust them ever again they kept saying they had reset mine but wiring was so bad it wouldn’t of even loaded it

  • Dave Wilson

    Take to dealer there is a free fix for it

  • Sip

    Can anyone tell me what it means when the diagnostic says impaulsible transmission data? Thanks

  • i wouldn’t get smarts again. we’ve got 10, and the 2012 and 2013 models have a recall for their leaking gearboxes. the oil drips out onto something underneath and you can smell something burning.

    we’ve taken all 10 of our smarts in for the recalls, and the same problem happened again within a month of them being “fixed”.

  • DieterSarah Bennett

    My 2005 Forfour has starting problems. When i turn the key nothing happens. The starter does not move, nothing. If i turn it on and off 10/20 times it might catch but not always, so a bump start is needed. I have changed all the relays as a precaution but no change. Can anyone help?

  • DieterSarah Bennett

    They have a poorly designed door opener. A small length of wire is attached to the opener and as you lift the handle a small ball, of what looks like solder, pulls the wire up and opens the door. This terrible system means it will fail with use. You can buy new ones on Ebay but the mirror and door skin has to come off to fit them.

  • Peter Bolan

    Hi to all.
    My wife has a 2016 Forfour, which had 15 miles on the clock when we took delivery of it 10 days ago.
    In that time, it now has had £50 worth of petrol. Does any one know of a fault with any mass air flow sensors or cold start sensors that could cause this excessive use of fuel?… which is worse than my 1.5dci Qashqai, that i drive (mostly over 60mph and get 50+mpg on £30 diesel).
    kind regards,
    Peter Bolan

  • Anonymous

    Hi all,
    Leased a 2015 (65) reg forfour in December last year… at 3,000 miles all piston rings went in the engine and Mercedes provided full engine refit for the vehicle… 6months later at 13,000 miles cylinder one misfire and the car is on a tow truck yet again… this time Mercedes have blamed oil in the fuel tank which is apparently not covered by warranty therefore I must foot the bill of 700 quid… my argument is the car went in for a service 1 month prior to the problem yet no help from Mercedes and the blame is shifted to myself… worst aftercare from Mercedes and regretting ever leasing with them and have been without a vehicle now for 2 whole weeks… distressing to say the least and would definitely recommend you steer clear of smarts altogether as I’m not the only one with engine issues

  • des

    Hi there – does anyone know if there is an engine lock off switch on a 2017 Forfour Brabus?

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